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The EDGE power chip package

Howdy. I recently posted a comment about the Edge power chip and was asked for further info, so here is what I know from my view. For further direct info check out the company site at: http://www.edgeproductsinc.com/

The most simple setup is just the control box it's self. This is a little metal box that mounts in the engine compartment with 4 big wiring cables and 1 little cable coming out of it. Operational installation is about a 5 minute job. Allow several hours to be fully installed with the exhaust gas temp probe.
1. On the drivers side of the engine are 2 BIG wiring connectors. Trust me they are so big that once you know what you are looking for you will not be able to miss them.They are so big that they actually use a handle to make sure the parts are completely mated and secure. Open and seperate the male/female sides of these 2 connectors.
2. Plug in the IDENTICAL connectors from the Edge box: male to female.
3. Attach mounting tape to bottom of box and stick it down
4. Start truck!

Like I said, easy. The small cable is used for the exhaust gas temp probe. This probe mounts into a hole, YOU drill and tap, in the passenger side exhaust manifold. Trust me, I did it, you can too.

Now that the Edge is operational how do you control the thing. I found the best way is to purchase what the company calls the ATTITUDE. The Attitude is a small box that mounts in the cab and allows you to change the boost levels on the fly while proving you with a digital display of up to 4 operational parameters such as exhaust gas temp (EGT) and boost level info. The package comes with a articulated arm that allows mounting to the window pillar or to the dash. I have seen pictures of installs where the guys have mounted the Attitude in the over head console. I elected to use velcro tape and stuck mine to the front of the dash just below the gauges and to the left of the steering column. It is not in my primary vision sight path but is very readable by looking down through the spokes of my steering wheel. The display and control buttons are illuminated for night driving.

The Edge system is available in 2 power packages. The basic package provides up to about a 90 hp boost while the Extreme boost is about 125 hp. I have the 90 hp system and it does me just fine.

The final question in any change we make to our rigs is..Does It Work. My answer is yes.

The Edge comes with 5 factory set boost/shift/??? levels. I am not able to tell you the parameters for each level but I can tell you that your Seat-O-Meter will feel the diference. I am impressed with the street performance of my Duramax. It is not a slug off the line and scoots along very well. But there is a 'looser' feel as I bump up thru the various boost levels. It is most noticeable as the engine revs come up and the engine comes into its power range.

I had been advised by several Edge uses and in fact Edge advises that you not exceed boost level 2 while towing. From my personal use I can say that I saw no advantage to 'run' more than level 1.

This past Summer my wife and I ran from Spokane, Wa back to Southern Minnesota for my 40th high school renunion. We took Interstate 90 all the way running East and picked up Interstate 94 in Minneapolis for the return trip thru North Dakota. There are a couple of good mountain ranges to go thru and of course the usual hills and grades. Running at boost level 1 we were able to set the cruse control at 65 and run. I estimate that we were able to pull 90-95 percent of the hills and grades without dropping out of cruse. That is with about 12,000 pounds on my butt. My mileage was steady at 10+. My normal empty mileage around town is about 18. The BIG advantage to the Edge was that I was able to increase my boost level as needed! There were several times I bumped to 2 on grades and even a couple of times I pop'ed to 3 and 4 - BUT I watched my rpms and my exhaust temps. Don't be stupid about things.

Would I do this again - YES. I am very happy with the system and recommend that any one check it out. Is it right for everyone, probably not. My brother-in-law has a GMC '01 and has installed the Edge along with a bigger exhaust system. My Seat-O-Meter was flying with his setup so I guess that my next change will be to install a bigger exhaust.

I got my package from Con's Performance Chip in Idaho. Con sounded like he knew what he was doing and delt straight with me.

Con Haycock
2200 Overland
Burley Id 83318
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Good Info!!

New Ford owners should be advised that the Ford Garage will probably void the warranty. I think it is called "OAISIS" from other forms.

Once it occurs it will be useless to go to Ford management to get it re-instated. This is true for any product that alters the engine performance. Make sure you remove the box before taking it in for service.

For superchips put the original program back in when taking it in.

I understand that Edge are good products from what I have read in other forums.
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Glenn and Lorraine
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Thanks mmrxboss, that is some info I can use. Just gotta convince the other half that we can't get along without it.
Also want to check with my Chevy dealer about any warranty problems using the chip.
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Bob Pasternak
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If you click the link in my profile it will also take you to "The Edge" site.
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Anyone who puts in an Edge box or any other power enhancement, would be well advised to upgrade their transmission with a new valve body at the very least and to install gauges to monitor whats going on under the hood....
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