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Old 02-26-2015, 11:00 PM   #1
Montana Master
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Join Date: May 2005
Location: Fall Creek
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2015 Montana High Country

Looking for any owners of 2015 Montana High Country to ask about their experiences with this trailer.

Thanks in Advance.
Bob and Nancy Kassl Fall Creek, Wisconsin
2015 Montana 3440RL Legacy Edition, G614's, Pressure Pro TPMS, Dish Tailgaters
2016 GMC Sierra Denali 3500 CC SRW, Iridium Metallic, Duramax Allison Transmission
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Old 02-27-2015, 04:18 AM   #2
Montana Fan
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I have the 2014 that I just purchased and it is really great so far.
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Old 02-27-2015, 04:58 AM   #3
Established Member
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I also have a 2014. It's a 293RK and we full-time in it.
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Old 02-27-2015, 07:00 AM   #4
Seasoned Camper
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Location: lewisville
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we have the 2015 305RL, have pulled it over 3000 miles in 6 months, only a couple of minor issues I could have fixed but let the dealer handle warranty. We love the layout and the features. we added the second AC, the 12 cu fridge, other than that we are as it comes. We spent a week in Florida at Christmas with 4 adults and a teenager, had plenty of room. Happy Campers
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Old 02-27-2015, 12:36 PM   #5
Montana Master
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I have a 2011, 323 RL High country. It's a 9200 pound 36 foot fiver. Love it not a single problem. At 9200 pounds it pulls easier than a Montana that weighs in at 12000 pounds. I wouldn't trade it for Montana.
Lynwood Harrell
323 RL HC 2008 F250
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Old 02-27-2015, 12:58 PM   #6
Seasoned Camper
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We Have the 2014 318RE and love it. Moved up from a 26' cougar 5er and it pulls better and smoother than the smaller rig
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Old 02-27-2015, 12:58 PM   #7
Montana Master
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Bob, I would ask if you want or need the 6 pt level up? Do you want to upgrade to solid wood instead of vinyl wrap in the cabinets? Do you want the bed room air ducted or dump into the bed room. Do you want the quite air return in the living room or the single air intake. 4 entry steps instead of 3. There a lot of small differences and unless you have them parked side to side and a good salesperson shows you the small differences you don't notice them.

There is nothing wrong with the High Country, but when you start looking at the small changes here and there, you can see the differences. Maybe a '13 Montana vs a '15 High Country for the same money.

I wanted the 6 point, the 2 airs ducted, solid wood, etc.

2012 Ram Laramie 3500 DRW 4x4 3.73 Tow Max Pkg B&W Companion 60 gal RDS aux fuel tank. 2014 Montana 3150RL, 2 A/C's, Leather, 6 Point Jacks, Splendede WD2100XC, Mor/ryde X-Factor, Duravis 250 tires with TST 507RV monitors. 2 x Honda EU2000's
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Old 02-28-2015, 01:52 PM   #8
Seasoned Camper
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Location: Dover
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We purchased the 2014 318RE in the fall. We were able to use it twice before the cold set in and love it. We did have a leak in the fresh water tank, but the tank was replaced under warranty. We're looking forward to the new season.
2014 High Country 318RE
2012 F250 6.7 long bed with B&W Hitch
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Old 02-28-2015, 08:36 PM   #9
Bama Camper
Montana Fan
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We have had our 2015 305RL for around 4 months now and we have around 3500 miles on her. Initially, there were a few minor problems, fixed by myself or the dealer. We had one major problem - the Lippert 4 point leveling system was throwing error messages erratically and intermittently. Took it to the dealer and before he was finished troubleshooting it, it developed a more severe symptom of the same problem - the right front leg was sticking causing the error condition. Before it was over, the right front leg seized up completely. The dealer did a good job working with Keystone on it. In the end, Lippert replaced both front legs under warranty. Other than that, all has been well.

On the upside - the level system works great now. That's not something that was originally on our list, but now that we have it we really love it. It makes the floor much more solid when leveled. The storage space is good, especially the large closet. The bathroom space is good, plenty of room. The shower size is good. Regarding having the kitchen on the "Camp side", we would like one more window on that side, but it's better having the short slide on that side to keep from intruding on the camp area. Can't have both and we haven't missed the window(s) on that side much. Having to put the kitchen slide out to get to the refrigerator hasn't been the headache I thought it would be. The awning is a good size, and great storage space in the basement for that size camper. The kitchen island is perfect - good size sinks, adds more counter space, an adjustable spray head, and electrical outlets on both ends. I like the island instead of an "L" shape because of better traffic flow around the kitchen. There is good heat and A/C distribution in all rooms in the 305RL, however, I understand that some of the High Country models don't have a heat duct in the bathroom.

On the downside - the living room A/C is noisy. I wish the bedroom A/C were ducted into the same ducts but it is a "dump air" unit. If it were ducted into the same ducts, that would provide a measure of redundancy should the main A/C fail, and also it may be possible to run just that one to cool the living room therefore eliminating the noise. We tried to get the dealer to do this when we bought the unit, but keystone would not allow it. I think the ducts are there, but not sure. That's something I will check into once we get out of warranty. I'm a little apprehensive about the cable driven gate valves for the black water tank and one gray tank, but they haven't been a problem yet. The location of the cabinet door for the interior controls can be a real "head banger". It's right over the steps entering the bathroom and bedroom. It's natural for a person to be looking down at the steps as you approach them, and not up where the cabinet door is. That's not a problem if you remember to shut the door when you are finished with it, but I have banged my head on it more times than I want to admit. So, I installed a homemade modification that turns a red flashing light on visible through the slots (air return) in the steps when the cabinet door is open. Haven't banged my head again yet - but that's not something that comes with the unit. The closet door latches (snaps) are flimsy and don't work. I replaced them with a plastic buckle instead of the snap that is provided. I have heard of other folks having problems with the shower door latch not holding, resulting in broken shower doors. I suspect that is because they are not pushing the latch down hard enough to make it "click in". We have not had a problem with this latch or the shower door. The bathroom needs a medicine cabinet; that's on my "to do"list. I'll probably put it where on towel hooks are behind the toilet. Axles - I wish the axles on this unit were heavier (they are rated at 5200 lbs.), they seem marginally rated, but they have not been a problem.

We bought the 305RL because it met many of the items on our wish list, and it also was short enough to fit in my RV garage. All-in-all, we really love the 305RL and would probably select the same one again.
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Old 03-01-2015, 02:13 AM   #10
Seasoned Camper
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We have on order a 2016 Montana High Country 305RL. They made several changes in the new model that we like and some we don't.

It does have 8 lug 6000lb axles, king bed option (we like the queen with night stands better), and a small sitting area in the bedroom with a hamper below it.

They moved the washer and dryer placement to where the doors will open into the closet instead of toward the bedroom. They moved the linen closet from beside the bathroom sink to behind the toilet (DW hates).

I guess they sometimes listen to owners about changes, but then make a change that's worse than before. I'm not sure the engineers even camp at all!
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Old 03-01-2015, 03:31 AM   #11
Montana Master
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M.O.C. #3699
Thanks for all the great info. As you can see we have a 2005 2955RL that has served us extremely well. The wife and I were maybe thinking about upgrading to something newer and maybe just a little larger. Over the ten years we have added specific upgrades like all new brakes, Dexter ES flex, G rates tires and then last June we had our trailer inspected and found it had a clean bill of health so we have a new 7 year warranty, very similar to what we purchased when the Montana was new.

It would be nice to get something brand new but it really has to come down to is it a "what" or a "need', we have always used this approach since we retired 6 years ago.

Bob and Nancy Kassl Fall Creek, Wisconsin
2015 Montana 3440RL Legacy Edition, G614's, Pressure Pro TPMS, Dish Tailgaters
2016 GMC Sierra Denali 3500 CC SRW, Iridium Metallic, Duramax Allison Transmission
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Old 03-01-2015, 05:06 AM   #12
Montana Master
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Location: Depends on temps
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M.O.C. #13157
What Bama Camper said as a owner was what I was trying to point out. The small things left off to allow the price drop are things you end up wishing you had, after you realize they are not there.

I would prefer to buy a year or 2 older Montana over a new Mountainer to get features not available on a Mounainer. Plus the previous owner has got the bugs worked out. (hopefully)

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Old 03-02-2015, 03:29 AM   #13
Montana Master
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Send a message via MSN to Rainer
We're happy with our 2013 High Country 343RL. Sure, we've had to repair some shortcomings, plus fix things we've broken including $2K damage from an exploding ST tire. But we've learned, and we've upgraded: a second AC, a satellite dish, 6-point LevelUp, and better/more comfortable recliners.

No we don't live in our Monte full time, but we do spend about 3 months a year in it, and put on about 12K miles a year.

You'll never find a perfect RV. You'll never find an RV that is 100% bug free. It's just not the nature of the industry. Find the RV layout you like, a brand you can trust, and the gumption to fix those things that will inevitably need fixing.
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Old 03-30-2015, 02:50 PM   #14
New Member
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Location: Donnacona
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M.O.C. #15969
We are waiting delivery of our 2016 High Country 293RK. Should get it in May. We wanted a 2015 but we are glad Keystone could not deliver any more 2015 since we like the changes they are making for the 2016.
Here is a list of the 2016 mods from an email received from the Keystone Montana sales department:
96” Wide
4 -step entry (except 353RL )
Dual zone thermostat with wire and frame for ducted bedroom A/C
Optional low profile ducted 13.5m BTU A/C in bedroom
8-Lug Wheels
6000 lb axles: 293 RK, 305 RL, 310 RE, 343 RL, 352/353 RL
7000 lb axles: 340 BH, 350/351 BH, 356 BH, 374/375 FL
12” I-Beam on models over 38’ Long: 340 BH, 350/351 BH, 356 BH, 374/375 FL
New Riverpark “Connex” sound bar and DVD player
50/50 Stainless steel kitchen sink
Black label bunk mats
Main slide-out
Larger 46” tall x 56” wide dinette window
5 x LED lights flush mounted in overhead ceiling treatment
New master bedroom
Optional king bed (N/A 340 BH)
32” HD flat panel bedroom TV in cabinet
New flip up window seat/laundry hamper
Larger 40” tall x 30” wide bedroom window
New dresser with oversized drawers
New front wardrobe prepped for combo or 2 piece washer/dryer
New wardrobe doors on glides
New Fresco décor: Black leather with accents (Mountaineer Midnight décor)
New Top Stitch 80” Rear Sofa, Recliners and Theater Seating (Seat Tech “Heritage 270 Top Stitch”)
New kitchen backsplash (Canyon Pewter R60-31)
New linoleum pattern and color (Wonderwood Trace 760)
New black glass cabinet and pantry doors (31% Grey Glass)
New solid surface countertop color (LG Hi-Macs “Nephin”)
New carpeting (Shaw “Extra Point Bleached Sand”)
New wainscoting on kitchen island and bedroom wardrobe
New living area valances with slimmer lambrequin legs
New laminate countertops for front wardrobe, dresser, bathroom vanity and end table tops (“Black Fossilstone”)
Darker crown molding along ceiling, cabinets, slide-outs (Thoreau Cherry)
Deleted items
Lippert LCI remote control system
Solid surface bathroom vanity
70/30 stainless steel sink
Sofa and bed pillows
Raised panel cabinet doors in bathroom, bunkrooms and kitchen base cabinets.
Slide bar in shower
Decorative wall light in main slide-out

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Old 03-31-2015, 04:42 AM   #15
Seasoned Camper
Join Date: Jan 2015
Location: Clinton
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M.O.C. #15946
We are finally picking up our 2015 305RL the Friday after Easter. They are still calling them 2015 models until after April or May but they have all the changes.

I did not know they got rid of the LCI remote control system? I hate to hear that because I wanted to use it for raising and lowering my kingpin onto my Anderson Hitch from the drivers seat. I hope there is a way to purchase a remote later on.

My DW hates how they lowered the hutch down to 13" above the counter top. Now there is not enough room for a coffee pot so we are planning on raising the upper cabinets of the hutch up to the ceiling. Also, the new models have a medicine cabinet to bang your head on unlike the older models that had just a mirror and the medicine cabinet was incorporated into the linen closet to the left of the sink. The linen closet is now behind the toilet and will be very hard to access the back of it.

I do like the stronger axles and 8 lug wheels though. There are more detailed changes to the interior in the new ones that we like much better as well. We cant wait to get it!!
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Old 04-02-2015, 06:37 PM   #16
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We have the 2015 305RL and love the floorplan.
2015 305RL Montana High Country
2017 F350 SRD King Ranch 4x4
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