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Old 09-08-2010, 04:02 AM   #1
Okie Guy
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No Electric in Living Room!

This morning I have no electric in the living room or kitchen area of the trailer. I have flipped the breaker and checked the fuses. They are all ok. At one point the electric would flicker and now it has stopped. The fridge is on propane right now but man this is irritating.

Would a bad breaker possibly cause this?

Okie Guy Phil

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Are you on 50 amp or 30 amp power?? If you are on 50 amp, and you have a 30 amp available and a 30 amp to 50 amp dogbone or 30 amp shore cord, swap them out and change over to 30 amp power. If everything comes back on, the problem is in the pedestal feed. If that does not help, other things to check are the GFCI's, particularly the one in the kitchen.

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Mrs. CountryGuy
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Has it been raining there?? Check UNDER the slides, those junction boxes, they have been reported to be full of water. Might think about unplugging the unit first, I don't like hearing about water and electric.
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This happened to me, but with the bedroom electricity. The lights and the receptacles went out and I could not reset it so I replaced the GFCI because it would not reset either. Then I noticed the MW was going out at the same time. I eventually got to replacing the 15a/20a combo breaker which had the bedroom 15amp circuit and the 20 amp MW circuit. I originally thought it was a bad GFCI and replaced it and the circuit working again was a coincidence, because I realized that it should not have affected the MW. The common denominator being the combo breaker got me to replace circuit breaker in the power panel. Problem solved. I still have the original GFCI because I don't think there was anything wrong with it and one of these days I will test it.
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Sounds like you have lost one side of your service or a full circuit.

Here are some other possibilities to those above for a bad leg on the service. They assume your service at the pedestal is good. They are in logical/methodical order.

30 amp adapter, if used, is defective - try another one
50 amp cable is defective - test with multi-meter if you know how or have it checked by someone who does or try a different cable
Plug on trailer is defective - test or have it checked
Service feed in trailer is open on the bad leg - test at distribution panel or have it checked. If bad, a trace back to the open connection/wire is necessary.
Main breaker is defective - check or have checked

These are logical steps for a circuit issue
Defective breaker for the circuit. If all the non-functioning items are on the same breaker - test that breaker or have it checked
Open circuit wiring - test or have checked beginning at distribution panel for loose connections and working outward to test any junctions.

This would be my approach but there other ways that someone more experienced than me may suggest

Flickering lights are a danger signal. They may indicate loose connections which can caused overheating, arcing and potentially fire.
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Happen on our trailer and found that the wiring bundle had caught on a bolt during slide out and ripped out of the junction box.
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Old 09-08-2010, 01:32 PM   #7
Okie Guy
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Thanks everyone.
It was the electric box here atthe campground. Two of my three legs were getting electric but the one which supplies the living & kitchen was not getting juice. The campground guy came around and fixed the box.
A big relief.
Okie Phil
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For your edification, in a 50 amp service, there are two hot legs, one neutral and one ground. You have two legs, not three, of hot. In a 50 amp receptacle, the top is ground, the bottom is neutral and the two opposing sides are hot. As previously posted, if one of the hots are "broken", you will not get full service to your trailer.

Here in New York, I have spent an hour re-wiring an "oven" box to a 50 amp RV box. This required hammering an 8 foot ground rod into the ground. Not fun!
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