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Hey, what’s the story on these ‘Winter Texans?’

Who are they, and where do they come from?
Well, according to a study and survey by The University of Texas-Pan American, they are visitors from many states that visit from one month, to six month’s . Minnesota has the most numbers, (around 16%), then Iowa, Illinois, Canada falls in at around 8%,, Wisconsin and other states as well.
These men and women are 99% Caucasian, 87% of them married . Our average age at the time of the study was 67.5 years, I would think it a bit younger now. Average income at $50,000 a year. 69% of the respondents were in the $20,000 to $60,000 range. These figures were for the Rio Grande Valley area visitors. 53% of these men and women served in the United States Military.
Retirement: It's nice to get out of the rat race, but you have to learn to get along with less cheese. ~Gene Perret Interesting fact about the Rio Grande Valley, it isn’t a valley at all, but a Delta, or floodplain. Early settlers from Mexico felt the term “Valley” sounded more inviting than “Delta” .
The RGV, as people like to call it, is also called “El Valle” Spanish translation of ‘”the Valley”. (The above taken from the study as well)
Retirement has been a discovery of beauty for me. I never had the time before to notice the beauty of my grandkids, my wife, the tree outside my very own front door. And, the beauty of time itself. ~Hartman Jule What the study did not state is that the retirees are just folks; teachers, sales people, mechanics, factory workers, business owners. Hard working men and women that got up early, seldom missed work so they could raise a family, put the kids through school and try to save enough money to relax some day, when their health starts to fade. They are the kind of people that made this country the wonderful place we live in.
Retirement is wonderful. It's doing nothing without worrying about getting caught at it. ~Gene Perret
In my travels the years I have been on the road, I have seen, and stayed in many states and cities around the country. Not all of these cities are friendly to us retirees. My wife and I spent 4 month’s in Lake Havasu City Arizona. The business people and the town’s people were rude and intolerant. It was very noticeable to me, even on the road they wouldn’t let you in, and cut you off.
I asked a few business owners why such rudeness? I bought my wife a nice bicycle from a shop in town and had a conversation with the owner. He did not deny my observation, his reasons were that we were ‘cheap’, drove slowly, never knew where we were going, and couldn’t park our big trucks properly.
We were so amazed on how friendly Texas is, I tell people that Texans are friendly when they don’t really have to be.
It’s obvious to all of that come here, that Texans want us to come here and want us back.
First you forget names; then you forget faces; then you forget to zip up your fly; and then you forget to unzip your fly. ~Branch Rickey
Business people should consider that we are not young anymore, we may not hear as well as we used to, and might not park that vehicle as good as we once did, but we can remember who was kind to us, who appreciated our business, and those who did not.
Retirement is wonderful. It's doing nothing without worrying about getting caught at it. ~Gene Perret

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Mrs. CountryGuy
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Interesting read Ozz


"We were so amazed on how friendly Texas is---"

We first experienced this in 1970 when Al was based in San Angelo, we had a little dude about 13 months old and another on the way, and well, we kinda had an accident.

Our landlord took Al to the base for several weeks, every day he had class/duty, while our car was being repaired.

We were there for 6 months, our second son was born there, he loves telling everyone he was born in Texas!

When that little one was 6 weeks old, tour at San Angelo was over, and we headed back to Michigan for R&R and the holidays. The very first thing I noticed when we got back here, was how rude Michiganders were when you compared them to Texans.

Probably an unfair comparison!

Texas shoooooo is friendly!!

Got good food too!
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Bill and Ann
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Well said Ozz. I often tell people that Texas is friendly and "laid back". We especially notice how kind and friendly the Mexican people are to Mark. Compared to Florida....there isn't any comparison. I am a proud Winter Texan.
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Agree with Ozz on Lake Havasu City, Az. We were there the same time he was. That is a high dollar city and we do nor spend like the California folks that come in for the weekends. That city is off our snowbird list. Folks can be friendly or rude anywhere and we have run into them everywhere. We have been two winters in South Central Florida near Disney and we find folks pleasant and a few rude. We have been all over the Southwest and will be back however we far prefer This part of Florida over the Southwest. In many cases cultural difference is miss interpreted as rudeness or stand offish. There are many different cultures here near Disney and one must learn. Germans here at Disney who are very structured and proper may be considered rude by the Hispanics who a happy go lucky and huggy. Asians are very polite and respectful
Where Americans are back slapping, Handshaking, outgoing folks which can be considered rude in many cultures. We need to understand on another..

However Lake Havasu City is still off our snowird list..
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Yep, Texas is very friendly. Carol and Ann said it best.
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Delaine and Lindy
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We are just outside Tampa. Don't know what the percentages are as for age, but we are younger that most. I do know that there must be no one left in MI, about 90% are here are from MI, and there are many RV Resort parks in this area. But they should be called Park Model and a few RV sites. I guess we are spoiled by the West. Our experience West of the big Muddy has been awesome. We more than likely will go West next year. We knew it would be more expensive here but thought the parks would be better. We have always went to the East side and down to the Keys before, this is our first time on the Bay side of Florida. For those who have been to the RGV or the Delta or what ever you want to call it, that sign that says "Welcome Home Winter Texans" is a beautiful sign, and they mean it. We liked the RGV and all those friendly TEXANS. I do agree that some parts of Arizona is different, I don't like the Western part, we do like Casa Grande, Mesa, Tucson and Southern and Southeastern part of Arizona. There is a lot of Military Retirees in Texas. Most we have met here are from MI,PA, Ohio and of course Canada. But in our area here most own the Park models they live in and come here every winter for many years. It does seem that when a Park model leaves it is then made a RV site. Oh well its different strokes for different folks. I feel very blessed and thankful to be doing what we are doing. GBY....
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We also like Texas. Been awhile since we were in Texas but agree the people are very friendly. Most everywhere we go, have found many friendly people. We tend to stay in the western USA states.
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As a Texan born and raised, I would like to thank all of you for your compliments to our little state. One thing is nice about our state is that you can have the mountains, plains, desert, lakes, rivers, cities and little towns all in one package. We have four seasons up in the panhandle and two seasons in the Rio Grande Valley.

When I visit other places I find myself friendly with everyone. I was walking with a fellow camper in the RV park we are in now, she said I am to trusting. I asked what she meant, and she told me that I share to much information. I think that is just being a Texan. I didn't give her my bank account numbers, nor address etc., just that I had kids etc. Guess I will be a forever Texan that talks to my fellow RVer.

For those that escape from up North you can find other places besides the RGV to stay warm. It was 76F yesterday near Texas City today. This is a great area to escape, and you are minutes from the Gulf. Surfside is a beautiful area with a RV park a block from the beach. Traffic here in Bacliff is less than we expierenced in Harlingen. Things are close by, with Walmart, Target, HEB, Kroger etc all near.

Ozz, again thanks for the kind words for our state, glad you have enjoyed it.

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