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Extended Warranty

I need some opinions on extended warranties. I did not purchase an extended warranty on the new Monte when I financed. I can still purchase a 7 year bumper to bumper through Interstate Rv for $1300.00 with a $100 ded. I just don't know if it is a racket or if I should buy it. I will take any advice I can get from the folks who know best YOU. Thanks
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bkirk, I purchased an extended warranty with my new 2006 3400RL. That was in Sep of 06 and have not had to us it yet. I don't think they are a racket, sounds like you got a good price, however, READ, READ, READ the entire package. Look especially for EXCLUSIONS, things the warranty doesn't cover. Then, when you do use it, be sure and follow the instructions to a T. I have heard horror stories about people getting things fixed and then the warranty company denying the claim because they didn't follow instructions. As with any financial arrangement, BUYER BEWARE!!!!!
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stiles watson
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The important thing to know is whether the insurer pays the provider. Payment is where the water hits the wheel. If I were buying an extended warranty, I would call a variety of service managers to ask them how Interstate pays their claims. I would also ask them who cooperates with the service providers the best. I think this is more important than what you pay.

What good is an extended warranty if the service provider says that they can't work with them or leaves it up to you to fight the warranty people to get reimbursed because they demand payment from you instead of your carrier.

I have had two claims on the extended warranty on my former unit. Both were expensive (1. A/C repair and 2. landing gear motor and gearbox replacement) and both were handled to my satisfaction. I am glad I had the EW.
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Good information and advice above. The ones that pay directly to the repair facility with a corporate credit cards are preferred by the repair facilities. Get a copy of the service contract (these are not Extended Warranties, none of them are) and read it carefully, let a attorney read it and provide advise. If you understand the sevice contract there will be no surprises. The service contracts that are "exclusionary" seem to be the best..That is they will clearly state what IS NOT covered...everything else is.
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quote:Originally posted by bkirkI just don't know if it is a racket or if I should buy it. I will take any advice I can get from the folks who know best YOU. Thanks
I don't know if I would describe it as a "racket", but consumer advocates have typically identified extended warranties as one of the greater "rips". I've always stayed away from them - on everything - and I believe I'm money ahead.
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Old 03-29-2008, 04:17 PM   #6
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I agree with Brad and have followed the same pattern my whole life with every thing we have ever purchased...... with the except with the of our 08 3400. Why the change of heart?

My wife and I were on vacation and happened to run in to the owner of an RV service company in Reno. We asked if he was an RVer and he said he wasn't, they have too many maintenance issues...a 12000+ condo on wheels driving down the road with the poor road conditions...they have way too many problems for him. When it came time for our decision, we reflected on our conversation with him.

Like most of us on this forum, we are happy to put up with the maintenance stuff, that's part of the experience...just check out the mods and fixes that we all are interested in.

With all that being said, we decided to buy the warranty. As was said before, read the exclusions first and pay particular attention to the warranty company/dealers experience with them, etc. I found some solace in that the dealer said they have had excellent experience with the warranty company...could have been factual....could have been great sales technique.

Is it a good buy? Who knows...only time will tell and certainly it will vary for each and every one of us. I am sure many have purchased one and never used it....some have tried to use it and had a satisfactory experience....some have had claims denied and felt ripped off. There is no question that the warranty companies have priced their service in anticipation of claims well below the pool of their revenue. They have cost of service, overhead and profit that is required for their existance. They are not charities.

Bottom line is that you have to weigh the cost against the potential of future "covered" expenses and make your own educated guess...Good luck!!
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We also purchased EW when purchasing our 07 3400RL. Only need to relace apollo or refrig and it has paid for itself. We are also very learyof EW and this ne of the first we have ever purchased. But with wiring and electrnics the way they are nowadays we figured it was good peace of mind.
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Bill and Ann
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We have the extended warranty on our 04 3670 and I am glad we have it. It is good until 2011. So far they have replaced the grey tank and the Quest receiver. When we get back home the Black and the other Grey tank will be replaced as they have leaks when they are full. The water heater has been acting up so they will be looking at it also.
I think the decision on whether to get the extended warranty depends on how long you are going to have the unit until you trade again. I don't expect we will be trading ours until after 2011.
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Old 03-30-2008, 03:03 AM   #9
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These service contracts are no different that any other "Insurance policy" Auto,Truck, Home owners,Health, Life. The various companies stay in business because the probabilities are that you will never use the policy . IMO the probabilities that you will have a major high dollar failure on you Rv is much higher than the others particularly if you are a high use user as many of us are.

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We had it on our rig and our tow vehicle. Used it on both. For us it paid off. If you are fortunate enough to not have any problems, then the extended warranty is just a lot of money spent for nothing. For us it was insurance. Just before the seven years was up out black water tank split and had to be replaced--cost was a little over $900, all paid for by the warranty except for the $50 deductible.

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