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Old 03-27-2019, 03:01 PM   #41
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We discussed prior to attempting hookup what we were to do. Next, we both have cell phones, phone(s) are in operation as I back up, wife tells me whoa, to left, to right or whatever. Seems to work.
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When I pull in my wife gets out and takes the dog for a walk, meeting this neighbors and so on. I back in and hook up. We have been married 50 years so this seems to work. What ever works for both of you.
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Ask him if he wants you to help. If he say NO I can do it. Let him. If he says YES, ask him what he wants you to do and follow his lead. Always smile, always give him a high 5 when he makes a good hook up. After a while he wil learn on his own what he wants and if he wants your help.
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My wife calls my cell phone and we talk through the pickup Bluetooth. Hands free. It works great especially at night.
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Old 03-27-2019, 04:05 PM   #45
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Originally Posted by piperterri View Post
Hi everyone. My husband retired 2 weeks ago so now the fun really begins. We are brand new to RVing. My problem is I have trouble helping him back the truck up to hitch the 5th wheel. He has never gotten "short tempered" with me but it might only be a matter of time. HAHA. Does anyone have any helpful tips for me?? This issue is becoming very stressful for me. Thanks for all your help. Terri
Buy a pair of those "walkie talkies" that they sell a Target, Walmart, Lowes, or Home Depot. They are less than $50. My wife and I have been using them for nearly 15 yrs. It takes all the stress out of backing up. Plus, you can use them at the camp ground or anywhere you go. We took them on a cruise one time because cell phones were useless. Welcome to the RV lifestyle. It really isn't camping; but who wants to sleep in a tent in the summer or winter or anytime? Good luck!
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While I need my wife to sometimes help me put the FW exactly where she wants it in the site, I can look over my shoulder well enough to hook up without her help.
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I only ask the wife to help when backing the trailer up to watch the back end - cell phone works great for that. When hitching...I have placed a piece of yellow tape on the face of the pin box centered with the pin...and the same on the top of the hitch plate...when looking over shoulder or with mirror you just line up the tape marks and you're right on every time.
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We installed a Reese Goosebox on our HC321MK. After trying to help my husband back up a couple times we traded places. He uses my phone to call his so I can hear it in the truck, then talks me back. Has usually worked first time, only had to pull up and correct a couple times.
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Not a good idea for your wife too help. We have a wonderful marriage of 53 years. However it does stress the relationship if she helps me back the 5er.
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It is a solo job no one gets stressed out that way������
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To hitch or not to hitch

I bought my wife some wakietalkies which we use when I remember to charge them. Or we use our cell phones.

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Old 03-28-2019, 05:19 AM   #52
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I have two back up cams on the truck, a rear one and a high one on back of cab, both have close up so no help needed to hook up. On my previous truck w/o cams I had an Eyeball magnetic mount cam that worked very well.

Whem backing into tight spots the DW helps. We use cell phones, mine is synked to the truck so I can work hands free. She keeps me in the mirror and watches high and low to make sure I don't hit anything. System has worked well and we have never stressed. Once I tried to pull out of a Racetrack and couldn't make the turn. Had to back into a space between the office and dumpster with less than a foot on either side to take a different route out. She got me through with no problem. I was the one doing all the sweating.
Jim B
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Old 03-28-2019, 05:49 AM   #53
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I get on the phone with my husband so I can talk directly to him. Works great!!!
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richfaa, I'm a retired school bus driver. I taught my DH how to drive the monty & what to look out for.
We painted a white stripe on the monty plate above the king pin. And use an extendable antenna with a tennis ball on the end & place the antenna in the center in front of the hitch. I align the stripe & antenna & back the truck up to the hitch. DH raises the monty to the right height for me to back into/under the king pin.
Someone on this forum uses a stick for the height of the monty at hook up time. I'm going to do this, just haven't yet. I always forget.
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We seem to be in the minority in thinking that both parties should be skilled in all the functions of RV,ing. We are fortunate that Helen can step in and do whatever needs to be done. I never said she had to she just did.It makes for a pleasant Rv experience for us.

My favorite story is we were taking the Montana to our local dealer for maint and repair. Helen drove the rig to the dealer which was less than 5 miles away and stopped in front of the service bays while I went in to do the paper work. There were 4 or 5 guys also at the desk checking in. I noticed they were looking out the windows in the direction of the service bay where Helen all 115 lbs of her was unhooking and dropping the Montana. one of them said is that your wife out there, yes said I, you let her do that, no said I she just does. The dealership would not allow anyone to back into the service bay you had to drop it in front of the bay and a service person would take it in by fork lift. We also like margerush have the white lines on the hitch which gets you real close to the proper hookup.
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Hi--My wife and I are new at this also--yep the fun is just starting(I hope) My one son bought us a couple of little hand held walkie-talkies which we have a lot of fun using. They actually come in handy--we've hooked up the rig 3-4 times and everytime it gets easier. She calls her self "Eagle 1"---I tell her she thinks she's Trump or something!!LOL
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I tried to teach my wife hand signals. She learned one. I can't repeat it here!

I now have a shirt that says "sorry for what I said while parking the camper" LOL....

The truth now: the wife stands as a target for the back corner of the 5er. At night she holds a flashlight. She is on the speaker phone and says NOTHNG unless I am about to hit something. I get out several times to look if it is a tight or difficult spot to back into. I find your usually better off if someone else is not second guessing you if they are not a VERY capable spotter.

I do see a lot of spotter/driver teams in the oilfield backing into nearly impossible spots but they are PROFESSIONALS and know exactly how to communicate with hand signals only or very precise radio communications at night. I don't expect there are many husband/wife teams that can do that well.

Even with a guide always available I would strongly encourage whoever the driver is to practice backing in an empty parking lot to get a feel for exactly how the trailer reacts. And your partner should also practice so they can do it in a pinch and certainly so they will understand what you are trying to do when your at the wheel. Even at that, ya gotta accept the fact that most of us are not professional drivers (hats off to those of you who are!).
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I, the wife, hook up to the hitch and also back into campsites. My husband gives me hand signals (which I kinda ignore) but makes him feel useful ha. We have a truck bed cover that folds up but obscures my view of the hitch. I put a piece of tape on it to show center. Anyway, you can use a walkie talkie or better yet a cell phone on speaker to direct him. Also you can put a pool noodle in the hitch so he can see distance etc..
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Hitching up with your spouse

My husband and I work together with walkie talkies, or our cell phones. I direct him as he's backing up, then stop him so I can make adjustments on the lift, then I lock it in, connect the electric cord, and after making sure it's correctly hitched, then I get the lifts fully up, then I go to the back of the 5th wheel as he does the directionals and brakes.

I am too short to see over the head rests in the back seat of the pickup, so I can't see or judge if the hitch is lined up. So, I'm happy to let him do it, and I handle things on the outside.
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Old 03-29-2019, 05:11 AM   #60
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Richfaa: love your story.
We picked Monty up after getting bearings done & I drove it out onto a skinny road with trees on both sides. Near the mechanics entry gate was a Public trans. bus. Mechanic told hubby, you gonna let your wife drive out? Hubby said "yes, she used to be a school bus driver; she can handle the rig better than me". That's quite a compliment.
I'm glad to hear about all the women on this forum who drive & hook up. You go girls!
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