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out of options

Still getting wiring fault/ trailer disconnected on the dash of my 08 f-250. I have had the 5ver at two different dealers. first dealer told me the problem was in the TV. second dealer checked the TV and said it was fine. They said the pigtail was moving in the socket causing the message to appear. They tapped the camper plug in the socket and sent me on the way . I get about 6 miles down the road and guess what? The message was back. I have replaced the factory 7 pin plug on the truck , checked the emergency brake switch. The dealers tell me they checked the brakes and wiring in the axles (However I don't think they did). The last dealer tried to charge me for checking the TV, when the service department told me they needed it to troubleshoot the camper. I refused to pay because the camper is under warranty and has been doing this since purchased. With that said the manager told me to never come back. So what to do next? I cant take this on long trips because the beeping will drive me nuts, Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Have you tried perhaps hooking on to a 5er of a buddy or relative to see if the same problem appears? That always seems to be a simple process of elimination for us. Not saying the dealers shouldn't have found the problem on their own but sometimes one has to do the ground work for them.
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Check your ground, I had same problem. Change out everything, found bad ground.
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I have had it happen two or three times, usually on rough roads or stopping. I think there is a possability that the pin and hitch are breaking contact enough to cause this. The light goes off and buzzer stops almost instantly. I have thought about connecting a battery jumper cable or small wire from hitch to pin box to see if it helps. Hopefully, someone with more knowledge than i will respond.
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Your brake wires go through the axle. It could be worn wires INSIDE the axle.

This is right out of CountryGuy's mouth, over there - - - >, sitting behind me, WHEN you have the fault, get under the rig, by the wheel, find the wires, pull on the wires, a little bit each way, start with one axle, does that get rid of the fault?? No, try the other axle.

CountryGuy had those wires replaced, they use larger wires and strap them to the outside. No more problems.

We have had this issue on several trailers over the years, each time the rewire procedure fixed the problems.
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Is your trailer pig tail in the bed of your tow vehicle if so they tapped in to your wiring harness this is where I found the very same problem. I took apart there wiring job and redid the whole thing with a new 7 wire cord and new ends and the problem disappeared. I went to the factory plug in the rear of the truck and wired from there forward. But if you don't want to rewire just hook into the bumper plug I had a hole cut in my bed so I went with the rewire.
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I had the same problem with my 2006 F350, I pulled the 7 pin connector apart under the truck and water ran out of it. After inspecting it, there was corrosion on all the connectors inside where the adapter for the plug in the bed connected to the one on the bumper.

I also replaced the 7 pin head from the camper too.
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I am sure you have done the same as I, but when I googled your problem, the issue was 100% Ford truck related. I made no reference to any specific vehicle but Ford came up on every instance.

My guess is that Ford uses a system that is very sensitive, like a GFI circuit or something and that is why it seems to always involve Ford.

Solutions ranged from water in the connections, insulation rubbed off the brake wires within the axle or drum and poor grounding.

I have never encountered the message with my Dodge truck, however I have had to troubleshoot many wiring problems with trailers of all sizes, with and without brakes. In 90% of the cases the problem was related to ground problems, as in corroded light sockets, corroded ground attachments to either truck or trailer or poor connections in the plug itself, anywhere wires are connected or ground is needed.

There "must" be a good ground connection between the truck and trailer, any momentary disruption of that might cause the error message. One simple way to make sure you are grounding the truck and trailer together is to use a set of jumper cables and make a connection between the hitch and the pin box that you are sure grounds them together.

Besides the 7 pin connector the wiring to the trailer goes into a junction box under the pin box, the wiring there uses crimped fittings, I would confirm the wiring in that box is all tight with good ground connection. Of course this should have been done by the repair shop but who knows....

If all else fails get a Dodge.... Just kidding....Hope you find the problem.

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CT, I have an '05 f-350. I too had the problems for quiet a while. The most common occurrence was with the magnet brake actuator arm ( inside the brake drum ) wearing into the brake wires. I also have had them to ground out under the clips that holds the wires to the arm. You may have to look real close to see that one. Look for one small bare spot on each side if the clip. Most always, it is the right rear wheel that's the culprit. I know of your frustration. Bill
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I had the same issue last year on the way to Arizona. I went to an RV repair shop and the first question was the kind of tow vehicle. When I told him Ford, he sent me to the dealer a block away while he checked out the truck. The RV repair guy was empathic to have them road test the brake controller under load and not to just have them read the codes. They checked the RV and found no issues.

The dealer did several tests that resulted in no failures but had some strange "readings". They performed tests on a new truck on the lot and didn't get the same results. They replaced the brake controller and my problem was mostly solved.

I had one failure on the way home, over 1000 mile trip.

Once home, I had my mechanic who just did a brake job before the problem started come out and check the wiring in the axles as well as the problem Bill (Crossthread) described. Both were ok. I called my local Ford dealer and they wanted to see the truck. They could not find an more problems but the suggested using dielectric grease on the 7 pin connector which I have done.

I have had no further issues.

Hope that helps.

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As others have stated, were your pigtail is wire into your TV take it apart use good butt connector and/or solder the connections. after you have a good connection use liquid tape and seal all connections. I had the same issue and this fixed it for me. I talked to a traveling tech one day and he said almost all the time the problem is at the connections. Cheap connectors just taped.

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Artemus Gordon
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Your ford may be different. But I had a bad "relay" that would turn my trailer lights on and off, and show disconnect on my last Ford. It was hard to find, but after $1000.00 trouble shooting, a guy on a web site, told me about the issue. It's a trailer lights/towing relay. Mine was under dash, but some years were located in engine compartment. Ford dealer never heard of it before I told them. The problem showed up after about 10 miles, then lights would go dark, and acted like it was not plugged in at pigtail.
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Had a problem with my former Silverado 3500. Found a broken wire in the bundle running to the plug in the bed of the truck. Found it strange that the broken wire wasn't at or near a terminal but in the middle of the run.
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I've had 2 problems with the disconnect message. The first was a wire where it went through the trailers axle. The 2nd was the wiring connection on the trailer inside the brake on one on my wheels. I am fortunate as my son-in-law owns and operates a garage for diesel, big truck and equipment repairs and he is very good at what he does.
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I have had similar problems a couple of times with two Ford F350s, and in each instance it was a wiring problem within the truck, not the RV. In each instance, bad connections were shorting out, but sporadically. When tested stationary, tested good, but with movement would fail.
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Artemus Gordon
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I went through all these cures. Not trying to upset anyone, at risk of repeating myself, but did you check the relays? Note. Another interrelated relay that can also manifest in strange ways is reverse relay that activates the backup lights. I spent hours and money to find the tow ready relays were bad. Just FYI. Your problem might not be caused by this, that said it's worth checking!
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I guess my next step will be take the TV to the local Ford dealer, We have one hear that is very good with diesels and towing. They tell me they can check it out to determine if its the truck or the new Montana.
Thanks for everyone's input, This has been a frustrating process to say the least. We had a TT before , Pulled it for years and never got a code.
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