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Great question! For the last few years I have had a personal maximum speed of 65 MPH because my truck rear tires were at maximum weight capacity. I have a 305 RL which is very light compared to most Montana's weight, so my Goodyear Endurance have about a 40% spare capacity (trailer weight is on the tires is about 60% of the tires capacity at full *80PSI* pressure). On my 3/4 ton Silverado, on the other hand, I never wanted to go to 12 ply. When I weighed on a truck scale I found my rear truck was at max load so seemed like a good plan to keep my speed to 65 and keep the inflation to the same max of 80 PSI. I have found that usually the big rigs are right in the same speed zone, although I have yet to travel the real high speed corridors like I-15 in Utah. My tow was totaled a couple of weeks ago (the Monty sustained some damage, but is repairable) which has lead me to looking at a slightly older GMC ('05 vs '08) to replace my Chevy. It is a one ton with a flatbed and duel rear wheels. Be interesting to see how I feel about speed with a lot more spare in my weight capacity. (Sometimes it would be nice some better time ;-) especially in some of the less scenic places.
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Originally Posted by DebNJim B View Post
Generally set the cruise at 67 on the Interstate as that's the sweet spot for the truck, or lower if the traffic flow dictates it. I will inch to around 70 if passing so as not to become the engine of a freight train, but I don't think I have ever hit 75.

On secondary roads I stay at speed limit or flow but never over 60.

I think keeping with flow, not backing up traffic and keeping a safe distance is more important than the mph number. I just don't want to be "that old man" that the other drivers are cursing at.
I am on the same page with you. Lets all get over the speed NUMBER and learn to drive with the FLOW of traffic (within reason of course). But most especially lets all learn proper lane usage!!!
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I have been on roads where the posted speed limit was 85. There was no way I would go that fast but sure would have been nice in my GT500.
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Originally Posted by scottz View Post
The older I get, the faster I was. 62-65 is my max unless I'm in a real hurry. Truck seems to like running at that speed and it keeps me a little calmer. Anything faster and fuel mileage drops rapidly. Secondary roads I'll run 50-55 and enjoy the scenery; anyone that wants to pass has my blessing and I'll use turn outs if there are three or more behind me.
I'm kind of this way too since I've gotten older. I use to race modified custom and enjoyed speed. However getting older and pulling these big rigs is much difference. 65 is about my top speed too on interstates but sometimes it creeps up. It does depend on the road, the conditions, etc. Sometimes I like getting behind a loaded semi that is going slow up a hill so I have an excuse to go slower. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

I get a little nervous when traffic starts backing up behind me and trying to find a place to pull over so they can pass. I wish that everyone that gets a license would also have to pull a larger trailer first. It may make them realize how hard it is to stop or maneuver.

I'll post a link here and it's hard to watch seeing a Montana on it's side. This happened in Washington this year and I don't know the circumstances. Could of had to swerve to avoid something and once the ass end starts oscillating over you go. The tow company said he was going to fast and that may be the case seeing the 20MPH sign on the corner he flipped on. I wanted to post this because many people may not know how top heavy these larger 5ths are. Wind, rain, speed, corners, etc. and over they go. I've gotten into some high winds before and I slow way down or even pull off the road for awhile. It's just not worth it.

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