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stiles watson
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Does anyone own....

Does anyone own an air rifle/pistol? If so, what kind? What Caliber? What velocity is the projectile? What is the main purpose?
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I have been hunting since I was old enough to hold a gun (about 6 yrs old the first time I shot a 410). I raised my son hunting and now we are raising my grandson the same. Bought my son a Red Ryder when he was about 6. Recently bought a new Red Ryder for my grandson to learn with when he turned 6. He only used it under strict supervision the first 2 yrs until he learned how to use it and use it safely. Now he is allowed to roam around near the hunting cabin with it. Never allowed to take it out at home. Even the slightest breach of safety results in the gun being put up until he has had time to absorb what he had done wrong. He is also learning to shoot my scoped 22.
My son recently bought a pump type Daisy (not sure model #) that shoots both BBs and pellets. The more you pump it, the higher the velocity. The next step up for training my grandson in guns and safety. Eventually he will move up to rifles and shotguns.
Bill & Patricia

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I have a pump air rifle, pellets and bb's, I also have a bb pistol; co2, both work super.
I was sitting in the back yard a few years ago shooting Sue's tomatoes with the pistol, quite accurate, and fun...... Until Sue came out.
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ole dude
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Stiles, I have or maybe had a Red Ryder pump up,air rifle, that shot B B's or pellets. Since I read your post I went to get it yesterday, and have been looking and looking, found some other things that I had been looking for before, but no gun. I believe I recall the pellet size was .177. The more you pumped on it, the harder it would shoot, either b-b's or pellets ie: the velocity would change. Living in the country I have lots of neighbors, coons, squirels, opossums, and soforth that from time to time can be a problem, don't want to kill them just wanted to move'em a little. Did a good job.. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it. Happy Hunting.
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Yes, the pellet in my rifle is .177, both the pistol and rifle's projectile will go through a beer can. The pistol is BB only. Don't know what Brand either is, I think I bought both at Wal*Mart.
The main purpose varies with the user.
(Sorry I didn't answer your questions the first time, just clearing all the cobwebs out of my 'punkin this morning.)
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Old 03-31-2008, 03:30 AM   #6
stiles watson
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My reason for asking is that I own a 30.06 Cal. Springfield, bolt action rifle manufactured during WWI, a beautiful weapon. I never took much time to hunt, but did enjoy shooting targets. I could put 8 rounds in a pattern you could cover with your palm at 200 yards.

My shoulders have gotten old like the rest of me and that 30.06 will kick like a mule. Going around with a sore shoulder for a week or more ain't fun no more. So in an effort to continue to shoot for accuracy, I purchased a Beeman "break barrel" air rifle. One cock of the barrel gives it full power rather than multiple pumping strokes.

The rifle has two interchangeable barrels of different calibers. It will fire a. 177 cal. at 1000 fps and a .22 cal. at 800 fps. I scoped it with a Beeman 4X32. It will be interesting to see what I can do with it at different distances. Shooting pellets is much cheaper than firing gun powder driven projectiles. And with diesel prices.....

PS: Ozz, I think you tomatoes make fine targets. What is wrong with Sue?
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H. John Kohl
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As stated the .177 cal pellet and a BB will travel down the same barrel. The .22 cal is obviously much larger. If you are after just target the I would go with the .177.
As stated these newer weapons have much more velocity than my old Crossman pellet pistol.
If I remember correctly there are some pellet shooting clubs. Might be worth a little WEB research before you purchase.
Good luck.
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This sure brings back memories, my grand dad gave me a daisy pump for Christmas when I was 8. I proceeded to shoot myself in the hand. A great learning tool for gun safety. The BB stayed in my right palm for 6 weeks till they finally got a decent X-ray and dug it out. But I NEVER put my hand over the barrel again. Ya didn't have to hit me over the head to teach me a new lesson. Granted the Daisy pump was more powerful than the Red Rider and only held 50 BBs but if I had one of the new Beaman's or one of the German made 300.00 models I would not have had to have surgery as it would have been a through and through. My latest was a Daisy 808 that was a really great air rifle. It took both BBs and 177 pellets. Sweet gun... Dave and Betsy
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Old 03-31-2008, 05:57 AM   #9
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We're traveling so I'm not sure, but I think mine is .177 cal. pellets or BBs. It came from WalMart and I think it's a Cross or Crossman. It's the one that the more you pump, the more the velocity. I bought it to chase "critters" (mostly neighbors' dogs). I have used it to deter our 3 donkeys from getting into stuff they shouldn't. When we let them out of their "area" to run in ours, they have a tendency to get into the GI cans of feed, J's flowers, etc. They are actually VERY smart animals and will not do anything that they feels unsafe or that they see no reasion to do for themselfs (hence the "stubborn" reputation). My making sure they cannot see me and popping them in the rear (from a safe distance) or hitting that GI can making a noise while they are trying to get in it, they associate that with their "bad behavior" and will stop. They will even remember it next time.
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For you target shooters, if my memory serves me correctly, the international standard for competition is .177 fired from (here is the memory problem) either 16 feet or 16 meters(a big difference). The competitors shoot indoors and accomplish 1 hole groups until they turn out the lights. Be careful where you practice. Some areas have as strict a law for air guns as they do for firearms. Bob
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I think it's 10 meters and they sometimes use clockwork paper tape machines behind the target to verify that the correct number of shots are fired. I have an older Feinwerkbau Model 124, .177, barrel-cocking, ~800 fps. Got it to play with many years ago while stationed in Germany. I also have a very old Crossman .122 CO2 air pistol, good for scaring off pests. I grew up with a Crossman pump .122 air rifle, no good at all for hunting, no penetration. The .177's have a lot of penetration and can be used for hunting under certain conditions.

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Stiles -

I have two air rifles in addition to a number of other firearms (all locked in a thousand pound safe). The air rifles are good for nuisance pests like ground squirrels. If you like shooting the '06 and have a friend that reloads, have them load you up some lighter loads. You can actually get bullet weights down to 55 grains, I believe. So, you could shoot similar to a 22-250 load in your 30-06. My father-in-law has a very small frame, and he always loaded his shells to a lighter load. If you ever go through Wisconsin, I'd be happy to help you out.
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