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A Valuable Lesson Learned about Post's

Last week I placed a post concerning copies of JT Stabilizers. When one makes a post on the Internet, they should look beyond the moment and see what impact the post could have down the road. They should realize that thousands of eyes may see that post, so one should be sure and have all the I’s dotted and T’s crossed. I may not have accomplished this important detail … for that I apologize to Plug It Right. The reason for my post was two fold. One … I found it suspect that two separate companies at one time seemingly business associates have since marketed very similar products of which one company holds patents. Two … I was concerned for fellow RV’ers who might buy the lesser priced product and be with out product support if company B should have to suspend production. I’d like to respond to Plug It Right’s post.

This reply is to the posts started by dieselguy:
1. My company, Plug It Right, is not in breach of any contract.
2. If there is a patent, please provide a patent number.
3. I have not been informed of any legal procedure.
4. PIR [Plug It Right]offers a quality product at a reasonable price
5. My company offers both front or front and rear stabilizers.
6. My business is neither immoral, corrupt or foreign.
7. My product is made in the USA

I hope this forum permits me to defend myself and my company.

In answer to questions put forth by Diana
1. After looking over my correspondence with JTRV, I should have stated “a dealer agreement was breached”.
2. Patent numbers and information on such can be provided by calling 530-347-3637.
3. I believe I stated “pending”. Again looking over my correspondence I should have stated “with our patent numbers, they are about to be in double jeopardy with us.”
4. No mention of the quality of any of your products … just lesser price tag on the stabilizers.
5. No mention
6. Concerning many of us (me included) sometimes buying the cheaper priced product available, then griping about it made overseas. I was generalizing in referring to the trend of the manufacturing going overseas … I did not intend to refer which of you made what in or out of country. I made no mention of your other adjectives.
7. For this I applaud your company.
Diana, as you can see from the posts here, my meddling may have brought more hits to your website than you ever would have wished for with many standing with you. The cards have been dealt … let’s see how the hand plays out. To the MOC members … I’ve learned a valuable lesson here and hope I can still put in my 2 cents from time to time on anything other than business advice. Dieselguy …
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Old GI
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dieselguy, I admire you for your post, I also admire Diana for standing up for her product. Both of you have demonstrated to me that you are indeed well intentioned folks. As far as buying one product over another, most folks purchase what they can afford, and rightly so, should search for the "most bang for their buck". Since it appears as though both products are good quality (based on responses on the forum) then the purchaser has a dilemna, most would choose to purchase the less expensive one. I for one will stay with my tripod that provides adequate control over any movement, besides that, my wife said I cannot spend anymore money on the 5er............Pete
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You are a good guy. Thanks for taking the time to fix this deal.
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I have experience with JT. All necessary parts were included for the installation, they were well engineered and they work.

I would be interested in seeing PIR's system to determine if the extra cost to JT is justified. But, as I said, JT's work well.
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Glenn and Lorraine
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Thanks dieselguy for the post. I see nothing wrong with supporting a manufacturer that you truly believe in. I do it myself. I fully support the Montana 5th wheels and yet I have never owned any other brand to compare them to but I never knock the other brands until I have had some sort of personal experience with the SOBs. You would have a hard time putting me in anything but a GMC/Chevy but I would never ever condemn the other SOBs. All I ask is to give the competition a chance to defend themselves.

BTW-I do hope that everyone knows the letters "SOB" stand for "Some Other Brand" and yes I am using it kind of tongue in cheek but only in a joking fashion. All 3 TV manufacturers make some outstanding TVs otherwise there wouldn't be 3. Of course if you repeat that I'll deny I ever said it.
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