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Old 06-30-2022, 08:33 AM   #1
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What a difference...

...a little bit of fresh paint can do to the camper!

The last item on my "to do" list on the camper before hitting the road again (tomorrow - Friday) was to paint the under belly / exposed frame / black pipe - gas line / exposed fading and ugly foamy stuff plugging holes / and miss matched screw and bolt colors / and .... any rust.

So, the project took 2 days and 10 cans of Professional black Rust-o-lium. I used my power washer on the under side of the camper a few days ago and let everything dry very well. With our Indiana drought going on right now, it took only an hour for everything to dry out, but I waited a few days anyway.

So, I started simply. Actually, I started with the black gas line pipe that was exposed. That led to the underbelly chloroplast, all the foamy stuff and all the screws and bolts I've added over the last 4 years to hold the camper together. That led to the frame, supports, shackles, even the axles, the attached hitch, and even the spare tire carrier.

The end result of pretty amazing. The body of the camper has always been shiny. I've never put wax on the body. It was treated with Resist-All when we purchased the camper (4 years ago now), and a simply wash and it shines wonderful. But... just like cleaning up a bed room to motel room condition, if the bed is left unmade, the entire room looks messy.

The same is true with the camper. It just started looking dingy, although it was shiny. It was all the exposed black paint, frame and everything under the trailer that made it look ... well ... like that unmade bed in the middle of a motel room.

After I got done with the spray paint, I stepped back and took a look and WOW, the whole trailer looks great again! It's amazing how the exposed frame and structure of the camper can really affect it's looks. Everyone focuses on waxing the sides and keeping it shiny (which is good), but forget about the frame.

So, my encouragement of the day ... if you are one of those who are passionate about keeping your camper clean and shiny, don't overlook what's going on with the exposed portion of your trailer frame ... underneath the unit. Every now and then (like at least every 4 years .... ) it might need attention too.

Photos do not show the true picture. But here's a shot of one example of what I'm talking about. After finishing this section (I thought I got it all), I realized this morning I missed that glob of spray foamy stuff around the low point drains. Look at the difference between the before and after shot. I also repainted that sewer hose holder:

Here's some other shots (again, not the best and only one section of the trailer).

Considering I am having a section of that Draco pealing from under the kitchen slide, and the plywood is exposed, I also sprayed the dickens out of the exposed wood there too (until I can get a proper fix, probably this winter). Meanwhile, the spray paint should protect the wood (some) from water and rain dripping on it. So far, there is no wood damage at all. I think the rain water on mine drips off and misses the bare wood. It's never been wet, even in the most furious of rains:

I also touched up the Lippert Jacks. I only touched up the shaft part, not the motor part.

And don't forget those sewer pipes! They were looking really, really dingy, discolored, poor. What a difference!

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.
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Old 06-30-2022, 08:57 AM   #2
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Looks good. My trailer looks pretty good under there, probably because it's newer but the gas pipe rusted up from the road salt when we went to Florida last winter. Painted it a few weeks ago, it does make a difference.
Mark & Karen
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Old 06-30-2022, 11:56 AM   #3
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Came out great.
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Old 07-01-2022, 05:07 AM   #4
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Originally Posted by MandK View Post
Looks good. My trailer looks pretty good under there, probably because it's newer but the gas pipe rusted up from the road salt when we went to Florida last winter. Painted it a few weeks ago, it does make a difference.
I'm amazed at how much the gas pipe on mine has rusted. Only 3 years old now and I'm thinking about replacing the pipe due to rust. BTW, I live in Florida and we almost never salt the roads down here. I got most of the salt under mine in West Virginia.
Robert & Diana McNeal
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Old 07-07-2022, 11:34 PM   #5
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Here is what I think is valuable to add
Because RV is a compact space with a lot of foot movement in and out, your RV may become cluttered quickly. But a little cleaning goes a long way, and there's nothing like having a nice interior view to compliment whatever's outside your window. Here are 9 ways to cleaning your RV as thoroughly as possible.
1. Clean the refrigerator, freezer, and cabinets.
Take everything out of your fridge, freezer, and cabinets first. Check the expiration dates on cans, cartons, and bottles and discard anything past its prime.
Then, using your preferred disinfectant cleaner, spray and wipe off the interior of your refrigerator and freezer. If there have been any spills or leaks, it may be quicker to run shelves or drawers through the dishwasher or wash them in the sink.
Spray and wipe the inside of your cabinets, being sure to remove any crumbs or sticky residue that may attract bugs.
2. Clean all surfaces and fixtures.
Spray and wipe off all interior surfaces. Concentrate on counters, tables, and the exteriors of equipment like as your microwave, stove, and oven in the kitchen. Don't forget to clean the exterior of your cabinets as well.
Dust all surfaces in living areas and disinfect anything that is often touched with disinfectant spray. Wipe off doorknobs, tables, remote controls, lights, and any non-porous seats, for example.
Bathrooms may always benefit from a thorough cleaning using germ-killing solutions (but that are also safe to use on RV surfaces). We recommend that you use a non-abrasive disinfectant. Also, remember to clean the faucets, knobs, and toilet handles.
3. Vacuum Air Vents and Filters
Heating vents can acquire dust and debris over time, especially if they are positioned on the floor. Taking the covers off allows you to vacuum and clean the air vents, as well as dispose of old food crumbs, stray dirt clods, and other debris. Similarly, dust loves to gather in air filters, slowing the movement of fresh air inside your RV and perhaps triggering allergies. Most air filters can be carried outdoors and hosed down in a matter of seconds, providing you with clean air in no time.
4. Dehumidify the air
Mold and dust mites flourish in damp environments, producing allergic responses and exacerbating severe asthma symptoms. I got an InvisiPure Hydrowave Dehumidifier. Through this review
5. Maintain Window Screens
You can suck or blow—a vacuum attachment and compressed air may both assist clean your window screens while they're in place. If you don't have either, remove your screens and spray them with a hose to remove fluff, old bugs, and general ickiness off your windows.
6. Mop and sweep the floor
Sweeping your RV out becomes a regular effort when you live near to nature. There's dirt on the floor again as soon as you finish sweeping. Give your RV flooring a good cleaning every now and then by sweeping and mopping. To properly get the job done, make sure to target all of the nooks and crannies. And if you want to keep everyone out of your spotless RV for a few hours, we don't blame you.
7. Water and vinegar clean almost everything.
In a world when so many speciality goods are available for purchase, it's easy to overlook the fact that one of the finest cleansers is almost free. In a spray container, combine equal parts white vinegar and water for a non-toxic cleaner that cuts through filth and loosens debris due to its inherent acidity.
8. Don't Forget About the Outside!
Sweep any old leaves or twigs from the tops of your slide-outs using a brush on the roof. If you want a complete top-to-bottom sheen, clean your tires with a spray-on tire cleaner.
9. Treat Your Awnings With Care
For awnings, I do recommend a specialised cleaning for a few of reasons. One disadvantage is that outside awnings are more susceptible to road filth, tree sap, mildew, and dirt. Two, most acrylic awnings are coated with a plastic coating to repel water and prevent mold formation. If you forcefully scrub the awning with a conventional cleaning solution, the finish may rub off or get damaged. Look for a solution that is soft enough to protect the finish of your awning while still being effective enough to cut through sticky pine sap without the need for scrubbing. Wash your awning using a soft sponge or rag, and give it a good hosing down with plain water in between washes.
10. Filling and emptying the Freshwater Tank
Giving your freshwater tank a thorough flush may make a significant difference in the quality of your water, especially if your RV is only used on occasion. To begin, open the valve and allow your tank to drain onto the ground. Then, using a clean hose, put water to your tank and let it drain out the other side. You'll aid in the removal of any stray minerals from hard water or debris that has made its way into your tank. To give your tank an extra cleaning, use a specific freshwater tank sanitizer.
RV Travel in the COVID-19 Era
While it is always vital to maintain your RV clean and neat, there are instances when extra measures are required to protect not just the cleanliness of your unit but also the safety of your passengers. According to CDC standards, here's how to thoroughly clean your RV to help avoid the spread of COVID-19.
Wear a mask, isolate yourself if you have coronavirus symptoms, minimize social meetings, and clean your hands and living environment often to help stop the transmission of COVID-19 and flatten the infection curve.
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Old 07-18-2022, 07:05 PM   #6
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Looks real good, I've been meaning to do my 2017 (Just bought last year) haven't got around to it yet.
Rick and Theresa
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Old 07-18-2022, 07:09 PM   #7
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Well done Dutch
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