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New HC 381th tires

The new Montana High Country 381th came with Tredit Rainier ST 235/80R16F tires. The tire specifications are as follows:

Size Max Load Inflation Speed Rating
ST235/80R16 3,860 lbs 95 psi M/81mph (F)

I have read to be aware of the so-called ďChina BombsĒ but havenít seen much for bad reviews on these tires. By the time the 5th wheel made it to our home it has slightly over 1,000 miles on the tires with no signs of a problem. The tires come with a 6 year warranty with 100% replacement in the first year. In all of the forums I have read on trailer tires there are some that have very strong opinions on good and bad tires. Has anyone had a problem with this particular tire that would warrant replacement well before 5 years of service? Date code on the tires is 2118. My trailer is 41 feet 6 inches long with triple axles and a max load range of 17,000 pounds. Pin weight on the trailer dry is around 3,100 pounds so the load on the tires is well within the tire specifications. I do have the TST 507 FT C pressure/temperature monitor on the tires so I do monitor pressure and temperature of the tires. Iím inclined to stay with the tires and keeping my eyes on them.


2018 Ford F350 Diesel Dually 4x4
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Tick-tok-tick-tok.....How lucky are you?.....Tick-tok-tick-tok.
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We have a 381TH as well and I think the same tires. We have run our coach a couple thousand miles on them and also have a tire monitor system BUT we do plan to replace them as soon as practical. The reason: just take a look at the pictures of the serious damage a blow out causes!! Tires are not cheap but far less than body damage to your rig and the piece of mind---Priceless!
James & Irene Wilson
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Very good traveling friends had those tires on a Jayco Pinnacle and went through all Five tires on a trip of the Canadian Maritime, buy all new tires when we got back to Maine so they could get home.
Michelle & Ann
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We have the same tires on our '19 310RE. This past season we put around 4500 miles on them with no problems and they still look perfect. I think our 5er is in perfect alignment as these tires really do still look like the day we picked it up.

That said, based on vast past experience with China made ST tires, I don't trust them. The Chinese got that reputation the old fashion way. They absolutely earned it with some of the worst tires to ever be manufactured. Terrible, terrible tires over decades of production.

I consider myself lucky to get a full season out of the Rainiers and plan to replace them this coming spring. The only Chinese tire I will even consider now is the Sailun and thats only because of the reviews by owners on this forum. I'd still rather have a US made tire.
2019 Montana HC 310RE
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Old 11-18-2019, 07:56 AM   #6
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My 2017 HC came with Rainier ST 235/80/R16E and we ran it about 20,000 miles. I consider myself pretty lucky because we never had an issue. Not wanting my luck to run out it is right now being fitted with its new Saliun sneakers.
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As the above poster said....... tik tok tik tok

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I have the same exact model camper as you with the same tires on and I have not had any issues with the tires what so ever. I have probably over 10,000 miles on the tire currently and I purchased my 381 in March 2018. Now I will say that I have started to change them out with the Sailun tires because they are definitely better made. I am just doing it two tires at a time just to get the most out of the Rainers that I have now. I also believe that have three axels helps a lot the the weight and causes less issues with the tires. Most people that are commenting probably donít have three axels but that is just my opinion. And to give you a little insight to my trips, I live in North Carolina and last year we took a trip to Niagara Falls and driving in the West Virginia and New York roads were terrible. Hopes this helps as I am not saying one way or the other. Just trying to give you more info. Take care and happy camping!!!!!!
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My last 5er was an HC and came with Rainier tires. I had already ordered Sailun. I drove 43 miles from the dealer to the tire shop. So, no problem for 43 miles but didn’t trust them any farther. Many miles and many trips and no problems with Sailun on the HC or Montana.
John & Patty
2019 Montana 3761FL
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Our 2015 HC came with Treddit Trailer Kings. We traded them after 3 1/2 years for Goodyear Endurance. They were still in good shape. I take fanaticle care of my tires.
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Old 12-04-2019, 03:59 PM   #11
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I heard the same tic toc replies about my G rated Rainier tires 3 years back when I ask about experiences others had with the Rainier tires. Lots of folks changed because they were concern with and didn';t trust "China Bomb" tires but had full confidence in another brand of China tire. I didn't get it so I elected to keep the Rainiers and take care of them as tires should be care for and now I have 16k miles on mine and they look like new. I change tire about every4 years so I will replace them in the fall of 2020. I say take good care of your new Rainiers, drive sensible, and invest in a good TPMS system
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I could not find a lot of negative info on the Rainiers that came on our 2019 HC but at the same time, I didn't find anyone raving about how good they are either. We had a blowout on our previous fifth wheel and it's not a pretty site. With all of the good reviews on Sailuns, we replaced ours in the first 1000 miles. I feel much better after doing so. The 14 ply Sailun tire is so much heavier and well made compared to other brands.
2019 Montana High Country 331RL
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Many of the Rainier tires are LR F, especially on HCs. Mine were and any 5er of that weight deserves a LR G tire. Glad Sailun tires arrived on my new Montana as one thing I don't feel required to change immediately.
John & Patty
2019 Montana 3761FL
2019 Lariat F350 4X4 Dually
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We put 11,000 miles on the Rainiers on our HC321MK and need to replace them. We went to Alaska and back this summer and there is enough wear to warrant replacing. The one issue we had is when we had to brake hard once and one of the tires locked up. The tread wore to the core like it was a pencil eraser. Luckily, this was the last day of our trip. So we are going to replace the tires and currently have our coach in the shop so they can see why the one wheel locked up.
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Old 12-05-2019, 08:03 PM   #15
Building Memories
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Our 2017 375FL had Rainier tires on it when we bought it but after reading and watching countless reviews, I ordered Sailun S637 tires before our first lengthy trip. The Sailuns were delivered to my house so I got to handle them before they were mounted and I got to handle the Rainiers once they were removed from my wheels at the tire tire store where I had them swapped. The statements made about Sailun are not all hype - the difference in construction is really surprising. The sidewalls are much thicker and stiffer, as are the treads. And I've never heard about them separating.
Maybe the Rainiers might have lasted without issue for years to come but now I have one less thing to worry about on the road. Next up will be TPMS.
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