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Jake Break

I have a 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 with the Cummings 5.9 Diesel engine.When I bought it the dealer installed a Jake Break. This has been great, slowes the whole rig, even with towing my Monty, down hills. However, recently it just stopped engaging. Does anyone know anything about trouble shooting these Jake Brakes. Any suggestions on where to start would be appreciated. John
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I know the 2007 Dodge diesels came from the factory with them. Did the dealer install one from Dodge or an aftermarket one from Banks or ??

I'm not very familier with these but others on here have them and may be able to help you. Perhaps if you can find out the manufacturer they would also be able to help you trouble shoot it. My first gut reaction would be to check all the power supply to the unit/switch. It may be something as easy as an inline fuse.

Sorry I can't help more, hopefully some others will chime in soon.
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First off, is it a "Jacobs" brand exhaust brake we are talking about here? If it is some other brand, the following may not be applicable.

It sounds like your air pump that actuates the butterfly valve may have stopped working. This is the most common reason that they don't activate. Another could be that the butterfly valve is carboned up and can't rotate to block the exhaust, even if the air pump is working.

Can you hear the air pump kick in when you pull the knob up when the engine is below operating temp? If not, the air pump is the likely culprit, be it a mechanical failure of the pump itself, or a wiring/switch/fuse problem that is not allowing the pump to do its job(I can't recall for sure if there are any inline fuses in the wiring, or not).

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H. John Kohl
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I agree with KTM except my 03 Jacobs exhaust brake butterfly is operated by a vacuum pump not an air put. I would check the solenoid for correct voltages that activates the valve, then check the vacuum pump for vacuum and last the butterfly valve on exhaust.
I use my exhaust brake daily just to keep it limber.
Good luck and let us know what you find.
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Yep what they said........vacuum pump failures do occur, check it out. as stated you can hear it or pull hose and check. I use my Jake all the time,keeps em cleaner and less brake wear and rollin into turns is alot of fun! Good luck. FYI,I do carry a spare belt with me also because the belt for Jake equipped trucks is different than stock ones.
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As said - if it is the 'Dodge' exhaust brake it is a Jacobs exhaust brake and uses a vacumn pump that is located on the right top front of the motor as you are looking at it from the front. On my O6 (I traded to an 08 for the 5 speed transmission ) there is a vacumn hose that runs from this pump to a connector on the jacobs brake itself just after the turbo charger (on the left side of the engine). I had this hose come loose several times while I had the truck -- it was too short initially and kept pulling off from the vacumn pump. As I recall there are two wires that are run from the right side battery as well, one goes to the switch in the cab, the other goes to a 'box' that is installed near the fuses / battery on the right fender well. This controls the transmission lockup signals, etc, as I recall. You might also check and make sure that one of these hasn't come loose or been broken some how.

Best wishes on finding a quick solution -- the jacobs brake does dramatically improve your slowing and stopping power, especially when towing.
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Yes, this is a Jacobs Break, installed by the dealer. I will check the vacumn hose and try to hear the switch engaging. Thanks for your help.
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