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Ha ha ha!!! Tell Bill I am still in love with the Prevost H3-45, you guys know me all to well. I actually got the idea from one of the Prevost bus' I was in awhile back. I will try to get some pics taken next month and will post. I was able to plug the lights into the outlet that is right next to my spice cabinet, I started the nonplug side right next to the tv and it follows the entire island all the way around and ends right next to the oven/microwave slide. I also have to say Helen, I love your website. I read your posts every evening before I turn in for the night. Your stories and pictures are amazing and I look forward to reading all about your journey, I joke with my parents that I am fulltiming through you and Bill. =)

There will be no mirrors on the ceiling, but I do have something in the back of my head that will involve the ceiling and some lights... =) I really have to put some thought into that one to see if I can even make it happen.

"Pimp my Montana" I do like the sound of that... =) Oh the things that we could do!!!
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