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2006 v 2007 v 2007 3400 RL weights

Just checking something on on all these weight changes. I have a 2007 3400RL. It was built Jul 17, 2006. My weights on my "2007" sticker read 11,900 UVW, 13,975 GVWR. This gives me a 2,075 CC.

The 2007 weights for the 3400 listed on the website now are 11,800 UVW and a WHOPPING 3,940 CC. Can someone please explain that to me??? That would make for a GVWR of 15,740#...

Here's the fun part... Assuming that these figures are correct, and your pin weight should range between 15%-25% of the 5ver weight. That means that fully loaded, the pin weight could be up to 3,935 # (25% of 15,740).

What is the reason why the CC/GVWR increased so dramatically??? Are they now putting 7000# axles on the 3400 Montana (I know they are putting them on the Big Sky)? What gives? Is this a misprint?

This is almost a 200% increase in CC. I know they do running changes throughout the year, but this change is quite notable. Did I miss something???

Note: Just for clarification, this is NOT a Big Sky listing, just a regular 2007 Montana 3400RL.
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