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Originally Posted by PNW Fireguy View Post
Most likely means you are not on the satellites.
I may not be RIGHT on but I'm danged close. Tripod is level and the mast etching is pointing at 218 magnetic. Dish is alligned with that etching. The elevation is set at 46 using the little one degree marks on the Dish 1000.2. I lastly set the skew to the setting given in the Dish Pointer Web app - 124 using the markings on the skew setting circle. I did varify that the skew is tilted clockwise seen from the back - I'm at 30.4774 -95.5513. As I mentioned, I got the compass reading while away from anything that might interfere on a line from the tripod to the bearing. I'm connected with ~75' of RG-6 from 1000.2 to Wally. One barrel connector and full length tested with a current model Klein Tools VDB512-100. Maybe I need to get one of those L-Cheapo signal strength meters to see if the LNB is receiving something.

Another thought. Use an old VIP612 to test the dish??
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