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Originally Posted by Dan and Audrey View Post
Here is an issue I just cant seem to figure out. I just purchased a new Montana 5th wheel, 3820FK. Now, talking to the Dealer, my truck will tow this. I have a 2012 Ford F-250 Super Duty 6.7L Diesel. The side panel info is:
GVWR 10,000 lbs.
Front GAWR 5,200 lbs.
Rear GAWR 6,100 lbs.

Montana 5th Wheel 3820 FK:
Weight of cargo not to exceed 3,550 lbs.
UVW 13,200 lbs.

Fifth wheel hitch 16K

I would appreciate all the help I can get. Will this combination work safely?

r/Dan and Audrey
The carry capacity of your ford is posted on the drivers side door post but you need to know the ACTUAL weight of your truck ready to tow, full fuel passengers and everything in the truck. Example GVWR 10,000 Lbs actual weight of truck ????? 10,000lbs less Actual weight of truck is the REAL carry capacity of the truck and the PIN weight you can manage. You also need to know the ACTUAL weight of the RV to determine the ACTUAL pin weight

Example our 08 F[350 Dually has a GVWR of 13,000 lbs(ordered that way)
Actual weight of the truck ready to tow is 9215LBS..13,000 lbs less 9215 is 3785lbs which is the pin weight we can manage Actual pin weight on this 13 3402 Big sky As weighed at the fall rally was 3,000lbs . We are well within range . My guess is your truck is going to weigh close to 7500/8000 lbs ready to tow and will be hard pressed to be within pin weigh specs.
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