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We drive through Florida Montana in tow twice a year every year on our way to and from our winter residence. We never move the Montana once setup for the winter and use the truck as little as possible since we have our Car with us. We travel I 4 on a regular bases car and TRuck and have never been stopped for any reason.

I don't know about Florida law concerning towing for hire but you do need a CDL to pull for a transport company in Indiana . I had a CDL for many years.

If a fellow MOC member asked me to tow his Montana home because he is unable to drive and we do not charge for the service we are not pulling for hire and do not need a CDL. If my Local RV dealer asks me to pick up a RV for him in Goshen Ind using the dealers truck we need a CDL.

BTW my job description as a airways facilities Tech for the FAA included the statement that I could testify as a expert on aviation matters within my specialty .I never had to and I was no expert and that is all I know about that.
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