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Right Steve,

Also take into consideration, temperatures. If it is REALLLLLLLY hot and you happen to be sitting on a black top site, that black top is gonna COOK ya from the bottom up, even with our Artic Pack.

Take into consideration, do you really use a lot of soap at the bathroom sink, like when you shave, etc. Soap makes scum. Other personal care products do too, maybe face cleanser for the gals, that might add some oily stuff to the mix.

Take into consideration, do you scrape your plates REALLY clean BEFORE you wash them, the more food that goes down that galley the more problems you are gonna have, or maybe have. Scraping plates almost clean was a habit we got into during all those years of Michigan State Park camping. Electric only, water on board, so you had to conserve, so you had more particles per million. Well, you get the idea.

We each form our own little habits and have our own little tricks, keeping the gray and galley tanks closed till they fill is just one of ours. It has worked real well for us over the years, so we just keeping doing it that way, and we probably will just keep doing it that way, old habits and all that stuff!


P.S. Enjoy Charleston!
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