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Correction, that model, a prototype that already had well over 200 orders (dealers I presume) at that time,

was numbered, 3735 at that time.

It is supposed to go into full production about November 1st, per the tour.

Many of us spent a LOT of time in that unit, I heard at least 5 other couples that said they are seriously considering it. CountryGuy and I said we would never consider replacing Tana, the 3295, but, this unit made us consider, and we are still considering.

As a prototype, we understand that there are already some tweaks being made, most of those tweaks would be really good improvements, in our opinion.

Of course, all of this info could be in error, Keystone has been known to make changes and until you have it parked in your driveway, all bets are off.

I have not checked their web site lately to see if it has been added.
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