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Originally Posted by DebNJim B View Post
I got the Ford OEM back up cam and TPMS with the new truck. Install was not too bad. Just ran the cable underneath and wire tied it to frame and pipes. The cam came with a cable that when connected to the tire monitor gave me about 40' which was just enough for my 3731FL. The cam is so so as it only works in backing up and you have to hit about 3 buttons on dash to get to it, then if you go forward you have to go through all the buttons again to get it back. Trying to do too many things with one dash monitor. The TPMS is awesome however. Just dropped off the valve stems to the RV dealer before we picked up the 5er and they installed them without issue. It's nice to know exactly what I'm running in all my tires at any time. I did not opt for the OEM GPS though as the dealer didn't think it was trucker specs. I already had a Magellan from my old truck and just use that. Now I've added a wireless rear view cam so I can monitor the traffic behind me on the road. Now the truck looks like the cockpit of a plane with all the screens and such plus the holder for my cell phone. The regular back up cam on the truck is interesting as it shows you a view looking straight down on the truck along with vehicles and curbs and shrubs and such all around you. Not sure how they do that but it's neat. There's like 7 cams all around the truck. I'm guessing that's how GM makes your trailer disappear. Voo Doo cams.
Jim look up NAVTV have a device that you install and it makes the cameras come on all the time. This way the FORD OEM trailer camera works as an observation camera. It will also remember the last camera view. So when you put it in reverse is goes right back to where you left off.
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