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2014 Chevy 3500 dually switched to Coopers

My 3500 dually duramax came with Michelins. They rode nice and were quiet on the road, but only lasted 33,000 miles. A lot of my driving is around town; stop & go, and a lot of turns. I also tow a Monty 3100rl for about 5,000 miles each year. My trusted mechanic recommended Cooper Discoverer HT3. They ride as well and as quietly as the michelins, and were a little cheaper at about $200 each installed. I have 40k on them so far. The rears are fine. The fronts have maybe another 10k left on them. I'm very happy with them.

As far as rotation, I have the aluminum wheels so to rotate the tires, it requires dismounting and remounting & balancing each tire. The truck came with 24 months free tire rotation. I thought I'd give it a try but after the hissy-fit I overheard the tech throw, I told the dealer to never mind. I don't trust any of the grunts that get charged with this task to make sure the correct tire moves to the correct spot, so I just replace the tires when they wear out. Years ago, I learned the hard way that if they swap them to the wrong side, the tread is toast in a few thousand miles.
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