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Picked up mine two weeks ago for the hurricane that didn't come our way. (Was planning on the end of this month.) Since I found I couldn't run the previous one in the truck bed without unhooking and pulling forward so the exhaust didn't seep into our bedroom, I wanted to work a fix for this. Found that I could fit a 8" length of 1" copper pipe over 3500 exhaust & spark arrester after sawing a pair of slots in it. Took off the plastic cover & attached the pipe with a hose clamp, then put the cover back on. Also picked up some 45 degree elbows and cut pieces of pipe so I can either have the exhaust going out over the side of our truck bed and away from the trailer, OR have it going down to the floor of our garage and out under the door if it's needed for backup power in the house. Didn't solder all the joints so I can take either apart. One ten foot pipe and four elbows did it all. No modifications to the genny so warranty's still good.
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