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Originally Posted by jcurtis934 View Post
In reply to Jim b, the axles should have a distinct upwards arch in the center. Any deviation of that, ie less arch, and you will notice that tires will wear on the inside edges. Also keystone never torqued u bolts on the axles, NOR did alignments in the factory. There have been many that noted these conditions when actually checked. With our axle setups, you must torque the ubolts to spec after the unit is built.
Thank you jcurtis. Your info is most helpful to my issue. When I first looked at my tire wear I thought alignment problem. When I checked with my dealer about warrantee coverage he thought it was either bearing or axel issue. After that I re-examined my axels closer and noticed the front one seemed bent while the rear one was straight. I am not aware of anything that may have bent the front axel. Plus it didn't make any sense since the worn tire was on the back axel that was not "bent".
Now with the information you have given me regarding the arch in the axel, I know it is the front axel that is normal and the rear one is "flat".
It is in the shop now and I await the diagnosis which should be a new axel needed for the rear. I don't know what makes the axel go flat but this should be covered under warrantee.
Thanks again to this forum I now know more than I did yesterday.
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