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Originally Posted by Track50 View Post
I'm thinking that we're just going to leave it uncovered. Give it a nice cleaning when we have a good day in the winter. Thank you all for the advice.
I'm probably one of those bad reviews on the Camco cover that I purchased from CW. The good news is that I spent a little over $500. I had it replaced under the CW extended warranty after first season's failure and then under the Camco warranty on the second season's failure. I have the new and improved Camco one that's going on next week. So $170.00 a season. I fully expect this to be trashed in the spring and won't buy another.

My HOA won't let us build a metal building and the cost of a garage big enough to house my 3829 FK is like a new house, and none of the covered storage places near us can take a 40' 5'er. My best advice is to save the headache of putting the cover on, and just wash and wax the 5'er once a year.
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