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I will agree with the Ez-Lube, but in my opinion, you need to remove the tires and the dust cover to get accurate results. This lets you see the end of the bearing / hub and it's easier to see the grease move. If you do not remove the dust cover, all you do is fill it up and you cannot see what is going on with the grease. Spin the hub while pumping grease! (if you put the tire back on which I do, remove the chrome center cover and spin the tire) Spin while pumping 3-4 pumps and spin for 4-5 revolutions and pump 3-4 more - spin and repeat. Remember keep spinning that hub / wheel. This moves the grease.

I do mine this way and I use less than a full tube of grease for all 4 wheels. I can see the grease as it pushes out of the hub around the nut and it is easy to see when you are getting clean grease and it moves easy and freely. Keep spinning the hub or wheel until the grease stops working it's way out. If needed pump a few more pumps and keep spinning.

Doing it this way lets you see the clean grease and you can wipe away all old dirty grease. And pumping slow and continually spinning the hub will moved the new grease and you will not pump thru the seal into the brake area.

I will say 30-40 pumps seems like a lot, but depends on your gun. I bough an air powered gun at Harbor Freight that keeps pumping as long as I hold the trigger, but 3-4 pump cycles and keep spinning the hub. Might notice a pattern - spin that hub continually even while pumping grease.

When complete, clean the old grease, wipe the nut and end of the hub and reinstall the dust cover and wheel - Torque accordingly - in steps and you are good to go.

And just as a note. I know how and have packed bearings the manual way and sometimes this is the way to go. Truck hubs, cars etc. And my utility trailer gets done annually. But as a process engineer, I see no reason the Ez-Lube hub system will not do the job just fine. remember follow the guidelines. However - to each their own - what ever floats your boat!
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