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Took my 2009 Monty 3400, purchased in September, 2008 into the dealer for Warranty repairs on 6/15 and today, 7/11/09, I returned from my dealer without my Monty… Here’s why.

The 32” TV was in-operative. The dealer never contacted Keystone and went out to buy a replacement on his own. He claims Keystone buys clearance TV’s and when they break under warranty, its up to the dealers to find one that fits. Here’s the problem, the one he found was a 32” Insignia brand (original was a Sylvania) and sure it fits with a 1.5 inch gap on the left, right and top, and a 5 inch gap on the bottom! It looks like I bought the trailer w/o a TV and installed an aftermarket one. He then told me that’s all Keystone will authorize and I would have to call Keystone.

The rear brake light was burned out. He replaced the bulb for $.96 and Labor for $42.00. He never told me it wasn’t covered under warranty. If he would have told be that’s not a warranty item, I know how to use a screw driver, I would have fixed my own bulb!

The black water tank never reads empty even after I flushed it several times. I then asked him to check out why. He stated he flushed tank several times also and it still read 1/3 full. He charged me $105.00 labor and $12.40 in disposal and shop supplies and sold me a $19.00 chemical and told me to rinse my tank myself.

My landing gear kept blowing fuses, I even called Keystone and talked about the various discussions in these blogs, they told me to take it in and have my Dealer call Keystone for help. My dealer claimed I was using the wrong fuse!? I replaced it with a small green 30 amp plastic fuse. The Service manager said I needed a “slow burn” fuse and he said he would give me some extras. When I got here, he handed me some glass tube type fuses, and when I said that’s not the fuse, he gave me this story….. He stated by battery was low in voltage and needed water. I picked this unit up in September, took it on one weekend shakedown trip and stored it for the winter with the battery red disconnect pulled all winter. In the spring, I reconnected the red switch, and plugged it into 110v for a few weeks before our trip to Colorado Springs. All the time the battery gage in the trailer said the battery was fully charged. The dealer claims that since the battery was low, when I operated the landing gear I was pulling too many amps and would blow the fuse. I also told him that I was always plugged into the shore power, so how can I be pulling too many amps. He said it doesn’t matter, the landing gears operates solely on the battery? Also, asked him how could my battery be low on water in just 10months in service. He said because I had it plugged in so much I cooked away the water. Does any of this make sense? Anyway, according to my dealer, the reason I blew fuses was my battery was low in volts and water. So much for the battery gage in the trailer!

I blew my top when he presented me the bill for $218.22! He asked me to go see the owner who offered to split the bill. I still had to pay $100 plus $17.00 for the chemical to clean my tank. I left the trailer and said I wanted a “custom fit” TV just like the one I purchased 10 months ago. He told me to call Keystone on Monday. Does any of this make sense? My wife and I love our trailer, but we sure are getting a bitter taste on how we are being treated…
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