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Home and Thank you

We just returned home today after being at Lake Siskiyou since Wednesday May 21st.

Kevin and I had such a great time. We meet many new people and got a chance to get to know some MOC'ers that have attended in years past.

This year the Rally was once again very relaxed and enjoyable. We enjoyed being able to plan our own activities through the day and not be worried about missing out on something that was taking place at the rally.

The nightly get together were loads of fun. We especially like the Smores idea at the campfires. Something a little different for an all adult campfire, but hey who ever thought roasting marsh mellows was only for kids.

Dinner Saturday night was different at the Sis Grill. Food was good, but I do believe we over whelmed the staff by our group size.Good training for the staff....I think they will have this hammered down if we do this again.

Will we do this again???? You bet we will!....we had such a great time that we are already looking forwards to next year.

Thank you to all the friendly Moc'ers, you make camping fun.
And especially thank you to Margee of D and M On The Road. The time you put in to help this event to be fun and entertaining did exactly that....and once again your Rally Books were over the top! Thank you for your hard work.

On the drive home Kevin and I discussed Don Moore. He truly would of been pleased.

Kevin and Denise Halfacre (Party Crashers)

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