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quote:Originally posted by 1retired06

Lots of variables, MRSP is only a suggested price. Dealer pricing can vary significantly based on sales volume, overhead oosts, immediate cash flow, trade-in and buyer negotiation effort. Having run a business, I understand folks need to make a living. For all four of my Montana purchases, I researched the internet, captured retail sales on the unit I was interested in, to include options and then went to my dealer and said I would purchase, citing 30% off what I determined was the average retail price, take it or leave it, no discussions. Yes or no. Always for a rig sitting on the lot. Got a yes all four times. Then and only then did the trade-in talk begin. Do not, let them hose you on the trade-in. Bottom line my opinion, if you can get 30% off the regional retail sales price, and an acceptble price for your trade in, based on researched wholesale and retail sales averages for your old unit, you have gotten a fair deal, particulary if the dealer is reputable for good warranty and maintenance service.
Absolutely true, but I've not found any dealer worth anything on the good warranty & maintenance service. Not saying there are none out there, just that I've not come across them.
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