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Yea, I don't like the desk set up either. I just use the dinning table for that purpose. I took out the desk chair to utilize that space to store larger items like cases of beer or water etc.

I can not be certain, but I believe most of the dinning slides are around the same width. And yes, its more like a love seat than a couch. I removed mine and replaced it with a futon for easier set up of an extra bed. If we have someone staying with us I move the futon to the back and put the rockers where the futon was. I also put a curtain pole across so they can have some privacy.

I measured my 2011 3455sa,s front compartment opening, its 36 wide x 26 tall. The depth of the floor is only 22 or so. I seriously doubt you could put anything larger than a mini fridge in there.
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