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Understand completely. I've been in and out of RVs for 40+ years so I get it. Nevertheless, I would like hearing what problems others have had; I think I'm fairly well able to discern whether those issues sound brand specific or not. But more than that, I'm actually looking for more subjective input, little design issues (such as floorplan, cabinet layout, how much room there is around the toilet, whatever) that have turned out to be an irritant. The point of this question is that I *think* I have pretty well determined the basic layout I like, but others may have some comments and/or suggestions about things I haven't thought about. Using my example of the washer plumbing for the Everest in the wardrobe, did other Montana owners have similar concerns and therefore go Montana vs Everest.

Another example, one that actually brought me here, was I read comments elsewhere that Montanas have an unusually high rate of tire failure. Is that internet rumor or have others had problems as well?
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