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Mark A: the quick solution is for you to delete the text string you got from Photobucket and use the following string in it's place. I have fooled the MOC software to make it display. But if you cut/paste it into your Profile (or in a test posting) it will work correctly and display your picture.


Let me play with Photobucket to re-learn what needs to be done with the HTML string they provide so it will work with the MOC software.

On Edit:
Well I played with Photobucket and refreshed my memory (I use Tinypic normally). Photobucket has made it more difficult for people wanting to use pictures stored on it in the MOC environment. There are two ways to do this.

First - this is what you should see at Photobucket after uploading your picture. What we are interested in are the four boxes on the right labeled Email & IM, Direct, HTML, and IMG.

Method 1.
Copy/Paste (clicking on the text in the box causes it to be copied to the Clipboard automagically) the text string from the Photobucket "Direct" box. It should look like this after the paste:

Insert the string [img] before the text and the string [/img] after the string. It should wind up looking like this:
This will display your image on the MOC.

Method 2.
Copy/paste the text string from the Photobucket "IMG" box. It should look like this.


Delete all the characters before the red [IMG] text and after the red [/IMG] text. That should leave:


Note that both Method 1. and Method 2. result in the same text string and either will cause your picture to be displayed.
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