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Dirt Devil CV950 LE on sale now.

For anyone that has been thinking about adding a Dirt Devil central vacuum cleaner, now is the time to go for it.

Camping World has the Dirt Devil CV950 LE on sale right now for $270 Member price / $300 Non-Member price. Supposedly, this unit is more powerful than the OEM vacuum that Keystone puts in the Montana's, plus, I get to install it where I want it (not in the kitchen cabinet under the sink in the 3605 RL). I'm going to put it in the basement where it should be quite a bit more quiet than if it were in the living space.

The MSRP is $411. This unit comes with the MAXUMizer Space-Saving Attachment Kit, which includes the Rug Rat air turbine power head (similar to their Turbo Cat head).

To top it all off, I got a coupon in the mail yesterday for a $50 merchandise voucher for talking to the RV sales department about consignment program details for my old travel trailer. The first question was how old is my used trailer that I wanted to put on consignment. I said it was a 1996 Komfort 24" TT ......end of sales pitch, it was too old for them to make any kind of profit on it. They also wanted to know if I was in the market for a new RV, I told them that I was not at this time as I had purchased a new unit 2 years ago. So, for less than 2 minutes of my time, I got a $50 off coupon to spend in the store.

WOOHOO! Out the door for $220 with my new central vacuum unit, .....Sweet! Not a bad day of shopping for Montana modification materials, if I must say so myself.

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