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Laptop storage on the road

We have the 3295RK with the computer desk at the far aft end of the camper, like against the rear wall. Since this is the bounciest area while on the road, I'm inclined to keep our computer equipment up on the bed while on the road. But, it's a bit of a pain to move everything when we're doing several consecutive days of traveling. I'm wondering if anyone stores their equipment (successfully) in the rear of the unit when on the road. We'll be carrying two laptops (hers and ours ), a printer, scanner, a couple of external harddrives, an external keyboard, trackballs, usb hub. We have a third laptop, an old ibm thinkpad but I'm using it as a dedicated GPS machine but will use it in the camper to lay out routes on SA2003. Rather, I'll probably set the routes on the faster machine then copy them to the old laptop. So this is quite a bit of equipment to tote out when we want to use it. Anyone storing this kind of equipment back in the bouncy area?

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