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Originally Posted by bullroc3 View Post
Has anyone purchased your new Sailun Tires P235/80R16 from Walmart? How old were the tires you received?
I ordered and received 2 weeks ago. st235/85/16 $130 each with white spoke rims $52 each and 5 steel valve stems $10. Tires and wheels shipped promply and received. The valve stems were on a slow boat from china. I called and complained since they were suppose to ship from Jamica NY but were shipped via DHL which only does international delivery. After 2 weeks and no movement via tracking #'s walmart credited me the Valve Stems.

14th week 2019 as I interpret it
CODE is 1419 as of 10/06/19 so fairly new by standards. I know some say if they are in a warehouse and protected from the sun it does not matter. But I beg to differ. New is not a year old or older is not new.

The GVWR is 9???K from the factory. Max is 12??K most likely due to the axle ratings from the factory.

S637 Load Range G 4400 lbs per tire @ 110Psi , all steel Tires, I ordered 5 Tires and 4 Rims. However, Tire Warehouse could not get 2 of them within specks to balance over 12OZ and their machine was faulting out (spin up due to weight or inertia). Reset machine and still had an issue with two tires, after They did try and try again, One was so bad it called adding 13 oz to one side and 2oz to the other. Almost The entire rim would of been solid weights if they were all applied to one side. So don't tell the misses but I have a spare that is not balanced. The other one just had to be rotated on the rim to offset the imbalance. It may be a rim problem. I had a good spare rim so with a little touch up paint ill be good.
I have had the TPMS for a couple of years screw on valve stem caps. Only two worked accurately. One always while traveling said 10 or 15psi while rotating. They always worked upon install static in the driveway 20 feet away. So I bought the signal booster and installed it in the front compartment behind the PIN above the battery in front of the hydraulic pump. NO change. The other seemed to cause a small leak letting out the air in the tire on top of reading inaccurate while under rotation. The last blow out with the TPMS sensor detected nothing till the center tread let go and shredded. The tire was holding air but center tread was flapping around and causing damage. I was only 15 miles from home and on a rural route going 30 - 35 MPH. Pulled off the road. But difficulties caused me to limp home with a aired up tire but pieces still fraying at much lower speed flashers on and limping home.

However rims never stated the PSI rating. NO markings on the inside of the rim. My original rims stated the 80 PSI rating. I did have a rim leak when running load range d LT tires General Grabber brand. My 3255 came with LT tires from Keystone. I Called and could not get an answer, after consulting with etrailer basically they stated the rims today will withhold pressure. IT is the valve stem which is not rated. The rims were TaskMaster white spoke 16x6 with a 5.5 bolt circle They are 6 LUG. My Axles, spring mounts and hardware are now the weakest link.

When I tow my midsize backhoe and construction trailer the weight feels proportional. So I do not think Im not close to the 12K limit. A Little water in the fresh tank and Bumper pull vs 5er pin weight. It just feels the same for acceleration and braking when loaded.

Short of replacing the axles and entire suspension on a 2003 camper which is only weekend warrior service still in good condition and only used twice last year and 4 times the previous year. It is not feasible to go with disk brakes and wet bolts and suspension upgrades. Besides what is the frame rated for? Lots of questions.
The you hear about frame flex or pin box frame issues. I don't feel after all these years. I have any of these problems. I hope and pray that I have not jinks myself. Time will tell. I have a good one so far and like they say. They don't make things like they use to.
I would like to have the surround sound sound, and the fireplace and the island. But what are the trade offs. I can add aftermarket fireplace or just put a heater on and stream it to the TV, which I upgraded from the CRT to flat screens. The ONLY upgrades I have done with the exception of the tires and rims I just did.

Granted I doubt if the camper has 15K miles on the chassis? Age and the Max I have gone is national rally in IN and a few North East rallys A trip to Virginia and another to Myrtle Beach. Other than that work is always in the way. Till next year early retirement and fun in the sun and more travel while the health will support the lifestyle.

My weak link was the Truck (since replaced) . It was OLD and got to the point of untrustworthy.

Still working and living comfortably but always something comes up for expenses or obligations which put a dent camping and weekends or time away. The reality is leave on a Friday and return on a Sunday is not necessarily a relaxing time away. Well I don't do that anymore it is Thursday thur at least Monday for 3 Days full of R&R.
Chris Donna and Oliver the rescue Dog.
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