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UPDATE: The VENTLESS washer/dryer combo unit the Spendide 7100XC is fully hooked up and has been used several times. Since I promised that I would report back on what we found out and how we liked it here is my report...

Disclaimer: My husband decided how he wanted to install it and will suffer whatever consequences for said install.

The hardest part of the install was getting the unit into the trailer. We got it to the door of the trailer (with the steps up), lifted the unit with arm straps up to a table about thigh level, then lifted it into the door of the trailer. We then used the arm straps to get it back to the cupboard. We did NOT have to remove the doors as it is fairly narrow. In the cupboard the unit fits very snuggly. We used the mounting brackets which means that the back of the units hoses are touching the back of the cupboard. We used the hoses that were supplied but added 90 degree elbows on the water supply end. We did cut a hole about 6"x6" into the closet so we could check for leaking and to disconnect hoses if necessary. We did NOT use a drain pan and we did NOT vent it to the outside because there is absolutely nothing to connect to. This unit drys by using cold water to condense the steam and then drains it out.

As for how it works. I LOVE IT! I have a 7 year old and when we are camping extremely dirty clothing is a given (yesterday he was rolling in the dirt pretending to be a wolf cub in a den with his friends). So every couple of days I just toss a small load into the unit, add the laundry detergent, a TBSP of vinegar as a water softener, and then run the load. I stop it after the washing is done and then hang up the clothing that I don't want to dry. Then I run a dry cycle for 20 minutes and the clothing comes out damp. I then hang it up to dry. It does a great job cleaning! There is absolutely NO condensation in the trailer from this unit and it is really quiet. It does jiggle the trailer a bit when it is spinning (1200RPM) but not a big deal. If you, or your wives, have any questions please let me know. I am one happy camper because now I will not arrive home with 6 loads of laundry to do!
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