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Oh my gosh!

I just re-read this thread. Guess I need an update, huh?

I had the rotators cuff surgery shortly after the January posting. The surgery went fine. Physical therapy is a bear, to say the least, but it is worth the effort. I was fortunate in that they were able to do the surgery orthoscopically(sp). Two minor incision points. I had full range of motion before the surgery, and the tear was partial. So they cut it through and through and put it back together again. I did not have to go the full 12 weeks of therapy as we wanted to travel and when I went back for my second check up the doctor said, and demonstrated, "put both arms up in the air, like this," and he threw both arms up i the air. I followed suit. Then the thumb up and behind the back. He said I could go on my vacation and to come back after 1 year out of surgery. We traveled.

During that time frame I was having minor pain about 4 inches down from the shoulder but it was not a constant pain, it came and went, and sometimes was just dull. I returned to him at the 1 year mark, told him about the pain, he said it was muscle related, gave me an exercise with 10 pound weight (2 pound to start with) and to return in 6 weeks. The pain has subsided and I return for my appointment. I told him it was better, he remarked that it is what he expected, and then he said. "It may take another year for it to be completely pain free."

The knee replacement was much easier. But if you have not had the surgery, and you have about 3 months of your time to complete it and do the therapy, it is worth it.

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