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Replacing Shower Doors with curtain

Hi folks. I have a 3810MS. My wife and I decided we would rather have shower curtains than the doors. So I removed the doors today. Next step is working to get all the silicone caulking off the shower enclosure.

The thought was that we would buy a tension curved rod for it. I measured the distance between the walls and it was 49".

When I started to looking in all the usual places for the rod I found I could not find a tension rod suitable for a 49" stretch.

So if any of you that may have also replaced your shower doors with curtains:

1. What product/process did you use to get all the old silicone caulking off the enclosure?
2. What product did you use to fill the holes left behind by the screws that held the shower door tracks on?
3. Where did you find a tension curved rod (or if not a tension rod, a permanent mounting rod) that would accommodate a smaller shower measurement than 60" or 72"?

Thanks all :-),

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