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Originally Posted by Timrph53 View Post
My first post as a Montana owner. Just “downsized” from 2009 Tiffin Allegro Bus to 2016 Montana 3440RL. Previous owner developed health issues and said only pulled about 1000 miles.

Our maiden trip, bare essentials on board, 80lbs if air in late 2015 tires and traveling at 65mph, new TPMS installed - lost both DS tires - boom boom.

Did not like Trailer King Tire’s in the first place but thought we could make a shakedown run on them.

Now have 4 new G load range (14 ply rated) Onyx brand tires. Hope to get better wear out of these. Still Chinese made but what isn’t these days?
When buying used RV trailers tire history is very important. Those tires could have been setting in the same place for 12-18 months and never inflated. Any overloaded weight on those tires will cause them to degrade. Faster depending on how much they were overloaded.

Funny how trailer tires all look alike. I saw those Onyx tires at a Walmart store not more than a month ago. They are very similar to other all steel brands I've seen at other big box stores.
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