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I have a 2012 295RK

Originally Posted by 54telluride View Post
All, Just picked up this unit from the dealer and noticed it has a second drain under the unit in the rear near the fresh water drain. It looks identical to the fresh water drain that they pointed to in my walk around at the dealer, but they said nothing about this second drain point. Just to be clear, these are not the low point drains which are farther up the unit and accessed from the utility panel area and the drain in question is farther back by the Fresh water drain. The picuture is being taken from the rear driving side of the unit looking to the front. The nearest drain is the fresh drain they told me.

Appreciate any help you can offer.
That is strange. Mine has a sewer line from my kitchen that goes to the gray side. It is hard to reach. I am putting an extension on it. It is in about the same place
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