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I can only recall o ne time when we had excessive condensation - this summer - when we had a big temp swing after a rainstorm while in Maine.

Noise reduction - not sure that really is a big problem. If it's that loud outside, to be objectionable windows wont help that much.

Heat/cold reduction - we keep the blinds closed on the sun side for heat, all closed for cold

Weight - that's a biggie if you have a marginal capacity truck. Add 10 pounds per small opening pane, 30-50 for one of the reer back cap and 20-30 for the sides. You may, guesstimating only, end up with over 500 pounds added weight.

If you seldom tow, preferring to 'seasonal' then maybe go the bucks for whatever creature comforts may help.

Add-up to an eventual trade-in will probably add little or nothing to the value for your $1500 bucks.

Of course, this is mostly only my opinion

Slide toppers, in our case helped quite a bit on noise during a heavy rain plus kept the slide's ceilings cooler.
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