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Originally Posted by beeje View Post
If you are old enough, remember the days when your front rotors housed the bearings and had to be repacked. For me it was done at every brake job when the rotors were removed to have them turned. This was done around every 25-30k+. And that was done on a steering axle with lots of side to side stress being applied.

No way an I repacking bearing every year or even 2 on a camper that has been towed your normal 2-5k miles. I think the EZ lube feature work as intended if you do it right, which most do not do.

I keep records of miles towed and since 2006 or so I have never repacked a bearing on any trailer of the 3 trailers I have owned. Around 40k towed without an issue using the EZ lube feature. Just saying
To each his/her own. There are too many issues for me to trust EasyLube. I go by Timken training and recommendations. I have packed trailer, auto and truck wheel bearings since the '50's. The issue is the type of grease used and the proper preload of the bearings and routine maintenance. The bearings and axels on RV trailers are generally no where as robust as auto's and trucks and therefore should be serviced more often. Now that I am getting older, I look for a service center that I can trust and believe me that is difficult these days. Meanwhile I will continue to do my own maintenance until I find a shop that actually knows what it is doing
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