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Originally Posted by waynemoore View Post
If you tow on the east coast yes you have hills. Ok just to keep the blowback down I am from Andover, Mass, but if you tow on the wast coast we have Mountains here and a gasser will have it's problems. You need the torque the diesel has.

For the life of me I just can't understand people. Beleave me I am the same. Spend $50,000.00 plus for a fifth wheel and not buy the proper truck to do the job. Or buy a 2X4 instead of a 4X4 when the 4X4 cost a bit more and only gets 1 MPG less. Yes, yes you can tell me you never have needed a 4X4 (I only stay in RV parks) BULL I have been in several RV parks that in the early morning when the grass is wet a 4X2 would not have gotten me out off. Or how about, let's see the rig was $60,000.00 and the truck was $70,000.00 and where's a Walmart parking lot I can stay in for free? Again don't get me wrong I have done the same thing. I look back and think what was I thinking about.

Just saying is all.
Its great to be an American with lots of choices.
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