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Are suggestions welcome? I've never been to a MOC gathering.. but have been to others in my 'past life'
Actually, the very first rally I went to was back when I belonged to Escapees. We had a rally somewhere in N.Cal as I remember. One of the very first things that happened as we pulled into the campground, we were met by some Escapees and the California Highway Patrol.. WoW.. What's up?

What's up was they arranged for the CHP to do a courtesy weighing of our rigs. I don't remember the order as this was 15 years ago. But, we weighed the truck with portable wheel scales.. all four wheels with the trailer attached. Then weighed all four wheels of the 5er while hooked up. Then we uncoupled and weighed the four wheels of the p/u again with the wife in the vehicle.

They gave us a printout of the weights of each wheel and the pin weight. I thought that was a fantastic bonus to that gathering.

Don't know if this is possible, too late to arrange with the Oregon Highway Patrol.. or if it's even wanted by the organizers.

Just a thought.
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