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quote:Originally posted by exav8tr

I think Chrysler lost some business by not making a CC long bed 1 ton the last couple years. I looked at Dodge when I bought my Chevy and was put off by the shortest bed on the market. I wanted a long bed so went with the Chevy. That new one sure looks nice though. And with a Cummins!!!!
Phil, that Dodge shortbed is 2 inches shorter than Chevy and 3 or 4 (forgot which) shorter than Ford's. It concerned me, too, until I took a tape measure to it. The difference is aft of the axle and therefore does not impact a slider hitch. Cab to axle center is the same as on the Ford I traded in.

If I used the bed for hauling plywood panels or something like that, then it would have been to short for me. But for my purpose it's fine. And now with the superglide it's even better since I don't have to worry about turn radius.

And, to boot, I can open the front locker when hitched, which I understand is not possible on the newer Montanas with some longbed trucks.

Not an argument, Phil, just wanted to add to your valid comments.
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