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Now I sound like a fool. When we bought it the salesman told us it was a custom floor plan. Then looking at the floor plan on-line at that time, I could see the difference. Even looking at the 05 brochure it shows the similar floorplan like it is now on-line. The 06's are still more than the 07's here at RV Connections. I checked NADA on-line to get our price which is what the banks and insurance company's used. When we bought ours the bank/insurance company valued ours at $76,000 according to our VIN number and options. I'm sorry if what I said wasn't accurate, but I could only go off what I knew and could research. I guess I should have tried to look at some more dealerships on-line to get their price differences. I went to a dealership today that sells the Everest and the other Keystone models (not the Montana). They said the Everest replaced the Cambridge and the everest felt very flimsy. The old Cambridges were much better.
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