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New Rogue solar controller

Marc has finally started shipping the new model of his Rogue 3024 solar charge controller, got mine about a week ago.
It is really a solid looking unit, inside and out. Replacing my home made PWM was easy, lots of room for wiring and great instructions and layout.
Took about 2 minutes to program and it started right off.
Since then I have never seen less than a 10% boost in amps into the battery even with the panels hooked up in parallel and the battery nearly full. When the sun finally came out today there was as much as 25% boost, and I was getting 252 watts out of 255 watt rated panels. I'm sure it would be even better if the panels were in series, but RVs have to many shade problems for that to be an option.
So far it exceeds my expectations and needs. Might even get another panel just 'cause I can.

3- 85 watt solar panels (255 watts total)
Rogue 3024 MPPT charge controller
2- 232 AH Interstate GC batteries
20 led lights
1 400 watt inverter for the TV, satellite, dvd.

And yes I would heartily recommend it to anyone, especially my friends here.
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