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HOW to help our elderly parents

Al's mom is a widow, legally blind, in her mid 80's, living in her own home and even tho we do see signs of degradation of her thoughts and functions, she is actually doing quite well. She can walk better now than she could a few years ago, she gets meals on wheels to help her out, she makes her own doctor appointments and has the senior bus come get her or calls a cab. She is doing pretty good.

CEPT for one thing, which has concerned us for quite a while and even tho we have warned her, she got nibbed. She answered the door and we believe she signed a contract with an out of state power provider for anywhere from 3 to 5 years. There is a lot involved in this, as first of all, as far as we know, they did NOT leave a copy of what she signed with her.

So, we are jumping the hoops and ladders, many phone calls cannot be made till Monday, the police have been contacted, ditto the power company for a prelim complaint. Al will be calling the Consumer Protection types and other state bureaus on Monday as well.

So, this is a general question, not necessarily specific to this situation.


We ask, cause we know how many creative and very very smart people frequent this forum. What we are looking for are creative, out of the box thinking type suggestions on methods, tricks, hints, anything. What has worked for your families??

In responses, please remember that state laws differ, but we are interested in all responses, cause what you say, might lead us to a idea or response or action that we would not have thought of otherwise.

Many of us have elderly parents, and some of you have already lost them, but you may have had to have deal with this, so, how bout helping each other on this one, post some thoughts.

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