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Originally Posted by mlh View Post
Iíve had my new Phonaks for about a month now and Iím thrilled with them. When I talk on the phone or listen to music no one else an hear they cut all other sounds down so Iím not distracted by them. They cut background noise out so I can hear speech more clearly. How they determine which is speech and background noise is way above my pay grade.
Iíve had 4 pairs of hearings aid these are by far the best. Speech is clearer, other sound is more realistic. No hearing aid will give you your hearing back but these come closer than any other ones Iíve had.
If you donít need hearing aids be smart protect your hearing.

Speech recognition is one of the critical test of hearing aids and the technology is now incredible. My aids have many setting that I can control. We also have a remote transmitter that transmits distant sound to my aids. Others can wear the transmitter I attach it to the TV or place it in the middle of a table when at dinner with others. It is no bigger than a thumb drive. When I say distant sounds I mean about a 100 foot or better range.

My hearing is such that if a TV or Radio is set a a normal level for those with normal hearing I hear nothing. Note that you will get what you pay for.
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