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Originally Posted by mtlakejim View Post
FYI. I wasn’t the OP of the thread and could not understand why it would be deleted unless the moderator who did so was trying to protect Keystone

A simple explanation (not just saying “read the rules” would have been benificial.
This site is not affiliated with Keystone or Montana and we don't "protect" RV manufacturers. The site is independently run and the moderators are volunteers
Originally Posted by mtlakejim View Post
Is this actually a rule?
Here is a link to the site rules:

You agreed to them when you joined and we take them seriously. You are a GUEST here and while most topics are fair game, where they wander into legal-land we close them. There are a number of reasons for this.
  • We have no way to ascertain the veracity of the claims .
  • Posting accusations generally results in either the other party or their lawyers showing up to dispute them and the forum gets dragged into the middle.
  • Businesses are vulnerable to claims of bad practices or products by folks who are mad. While there are surely instances where the customer is right, there are cases where the customer is unreasonable. These claims can badly damage the reputation of a company and remain on the internet long after the immediate issue is resolved.

We have a few other rules you may want to pay attention to:
  • The discussion of politics and religion is prohibited. There are plenty of good sites to have those discussions but we are an RV forum .
  • Complaints about moderation: Not in forum posts. If you have a concern about moderation send a private message but we are NOT going to discuss moderator actions and what interactions a member may have had with a moderator publicly - it's not everyones business and breech of our privacy agreement with each member. It's also a distraction for the community.
  • Trolling - not acceptable

This thread is being closed. If you have further concerns contact a moderator. We work hard to keep the community helpful and fun. The site rules run a little long but they basically say:
  • Be nice
  • Be helpful
  • Be reasonable

Thanks for understadning
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